Abigail Gould

Abigail’s experience with animals comes from growing up on a farm. She has been fortunate enough to look after cats, dogs, ducks, geese, chickens, and guinea pigs. Of all the pets she’s cared for, guinea pigs have been the most entertaining, dogs the most rewarding, and cats the most essential!

Abigail van der Hoeven

Abigail grew up with many pets, from a sweet Golden Retriever to raising her school of tadpoles. She has three years of experience writing for the animal and pet niche. She has a lifetime of hands-on experience with all animals, including dogs, cats, birds, fish, rabbits, frogs, and more. She has three adorable guinea pigs: Guinevere, Tater Tot, and the most recent addition - baby Duncan! Abigail enjoys being outside, writing fiction, or kicking it back with a good tv comedy.

Adeline Ee

Adeline graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Marketing. Originally from Singapore, she is a fanatic dog-lover and volunteers her time to help strays whenever she can, participating frequently in spay and neuter programs.

Aiman Khan

Aiman is an animal lover and has 3 cats of her own: Simba, Muffin, and Tipsee. She has been taking care of them since they were kittens. During her free time, she likes feeding her neighborhood's stray dogs.

Alex Guse

Alex is the proud owner of Chester the puggle (beagle pug mix); his first dog was Zion, an Australian shepherd, which translated into a love for animals at an early age. He has since owned many pets, from dogs to reptiles and everything in between. His true passion for animals comes from being an outdoorsman. He finds that nature is where knowledge and respect for wildlife are paramount!

Alliyah Strange

Alliyah has spent years studying dog training and canine behavior. She found her passion working as an adoption counselor at the Lynchburg Humane Society, where she acquired her two dogs, a golden mix named Scout and a Shepherd mix named Maya. She also has two cats named Calico and Shadow. These days she is writing professionally to share her knowledge about what she loves most: pets!

Amanda Henry

Amanda is an animal lover with over 10 years of experience in dog training and animal care. She has two dogs, an Australian cattle dog named Murphy and a Labrador retriever named Zappa. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, and riding horses.

Amanda TakiguchiDoctorate of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Amanda Takiguchi is a veterinarian and obtained her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine degree at Colorado State University. She has always loved animals of all shapes and sizes and has a Cairn Terrier mix, Benny, as her canine companion. She is excited to contribute to PetMojo as an advocate for animal health and well-being!

Ammar Ahmed

Ammar is a researcher and writer with 3 years of experience. He loves dogs and has a German Shepherd, Stark. He enjoys long walks with Stark to unwind after a hectic day.

Amy Brannan

Affectionately referred to as “Snow White” by family and friends, Amy has always connected with animals of all species. In addition to being a lifelong dog mom, Amy has nursed possums, chipmunks, rabbits, and squirrels back to health - much to the chagrin of her black Labrador, Jet. When she is not caring for her animals, Amy advocates pet adoption and educates others on the joys of senior dog ownership.

Andrew Olsen

Andrew is a proud cat dad of three spoiled cats, Schopenhauer, Poppy, and Empress Sisi. Growing up with various pets instilled a lifelong love for animals in him. His work in environmental management, particularly water governance, gave him first-hand experience with the delicate balance between humans and animals — domestic and wild. His favorite hobbies include browsing and buying cat toys, gardening, growing fresh catnip for his cats, drinking tea, and reading with a cat on his lap.

Ann Marie Bantigue

Ann Marie grew up in a home with many dogs. Currently, she lives with one cute little Chihuahua-mixed dog named Tiny. As a writer, she loves to write pet-related articles to help parents better understand their pets.

April Reid

April is a UK-based freelance content writer specializing in pet care. She has owned several pets over the years, including a collie called Patch, a tabby cat known as Dale, a rabbit, and several fish. April has also been a Marketing Assistant for a pet care apparel company for 2 years. In her spare time, you’ll either find her “dogspotting,” watching agility competitions or reading animal-themed tales.

Ashley Holden

Ashley is a lifelong pet lover with over a decade of experience in animal rescue and training. She’s managed animal rescue operations across the U.S. and rehabilitated dogs, cats, and horses; she's also trained service & therapy dogs. She enjoys spending time with her cat, ducks, chickens, and 10 rescue dogs on her little farm! Ashley's mission is to advocate for the sublime beauty of the human-animal bond.

Ashley Kulak

Ashley is an animal lover with a special place in her heart for dogs. When she isn’t writing about animals, she is spending a lot of her time outdoors exploring the world with her family and 3 dogs, Letty (black lab), Deizel (Husky), and Gunnar (Unknown).

Ava Peluso

Ava is a creative writing master’s graduate who loves animals. She has experience volunteering at an animal shelter and caring for her pet parakeets, guinea pigs, fish, and lizard. She also loves wildlife and spends a lot of her free time observing birds and other wild animals.

Barbara Seijas

Barbara shares her home with dogs, geckos, fish, and cats. As an animal lover and mental health professional, her writing has a strong focus on the relationship between humans, and animal companions, and the reciprocal benefits for mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Brianna O'Leary

Brianna owns a wheaten terrier mix named Murphy and an epileptic black cat named Cricket, with whom she enjoys watching movies. She also likes to pet sit for others and read in her free time.

Caitlin Ross

Caitlin is an animal lover at heart with a passion for writing and sharing this love with the world. She’s a born and raised South African and grew up always surrounded by animals: more pets than she can count, and regularly adventuring with her family into the bush, where she feels most at peace with the wildlife in their natural habitat.

Chelsea Pinkham

Chelsea is an animal advocate, rescuer, and aspiring rewards-based dog trainer. She is a Fear Free Certified Pet Professional with over a decade of animal experience. Chelsea has worked at animal shelters, sanctuaries and with many private dog training clients. She immerses herself in canine behavior education as she pursues her CPDT-KA dog training certification. In her spare time, she trains dozens of fun tricks for her and her partner’s rescued adventure cat, Iggy!

Christie Cheng

Christie is a dog sitter, translator, and animal lover based in New Zealand. With her trusty Sheepadoodle, Chips, she spends her days translating and caring for pups. Her articles are a fun mix of her pet-sitting adventures and personal experiences with a variety of animals. Whether she's at her cozy desk or out exploring with Chips, Christie lives a life filled with fur, feathers, and plenty of tales to tell.

Christopher Dyke

Chris shares his home with one dog, three rabbits, two rats, and a whole lot of fish! He’s been crazy about nature and animals since he could talk, and his background includes work in wildlife conservation and professional writing. When he’s away from the keyboard, you can find Chris out camping, fishing, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Colt Dodd

Colt Dodd is a sighthound enthusiast with three years of freelance writing experience. He has an Italian greyhound/Shetland sheepdog mix named Homer. In his spare time, he enjoys going to dog parks and writing fiction.

Cristina Vulpe Certified Veterinarian

Cristina Vulpe is a certified veterinarian (Ph.D. in canine oncology) with over 12 years of experience working with pets and writing for pet owners. Her favorite topics range from animal welfare and pathology to infectious diseases and parasitology. As a pet parent herself, she enjoys giving practical advice to animal lovers everywhere around the world.

Crystal Tankersley

Crystal grew up with cats and dogs and enjoys working as a pet sitter. She loves spending time with pets and sharing photos with their owners. One of Crystal’s favorite places to visit is the zoo. Her favorite animals at the zoo are the big cats, wolves, and penguins.

Dallin Darger

Dallin is a passionate, seasoned pet owner and enthusiast. He has, over the course of 27 years, owned and loved a litany of breeds, from Labrador retrievers and calico cats to angelfish and neon tetras. Much of his free time is spent researching and learning everything he can about unfamiliar and exciting types of wildlife.

Daniel Matheny

Daniel is an aminal lover and runs a pet care service in Florida specializing in dog care. He has worked with and owned many types of animals and pets since he was a small boy. As a writer, he loves to share his knowledge, experience, and research.

Darren Ryding

Darren is a passionate animal lover. He grew up on an organic vegetable farm with an ensemble of adopted animals including pygmy goats, pot-belly pigs, and donkeys. He currently lives with his Vietnamese rescue dog Bee.

Debbie Stevens

Debbie has surrounded herself with dogs and horses and has lived on a small holding. Nowadays, she travels extensively in her converted Land Rover Ambulance with her Springer Spaniel, Twig, and rescue Jack Russel Terrier, Rolo. They love to hike, run, swim, and kayak together.

Debbie takes inspiration from her springer, ‘to live life like a spaniel,’ and shares their energy and enthusiasm for life.

Desiree Botha

Desiree is an animal lover with a lot of experience caring for pets. Her book, “The Complete Guide to Boerboels,” describes caring for this giant breed dog. She lives with her two Yorkshire Terriers, Taffy and Bruno, a Senegal Parrot, Sam, and a Tortoise named Bowser. They rule the roost, and she loves every moment of it.

Devin Flaherty

Devin is an animal lover with a particular affinity for dogs, primarily Golden Retrievers. She has been a lifelong dog and cat owner. Devin enjoys training her Golden Retriever puppy, Roberta, reading, and exploring her community in her free time.

Diane Ketchen

Diana is a freelance writer and an avid dog lover. She and her husband live with six dogs! The one pictured is Hachi, a Chinese Crested Powder Puff. The other dogs are Cooper (Beagle-Golden Retriever Mix), Itzy (Shih Tzu), Koada (Shih Tzu-Yorkie-Poodle Mix), Moki (Chihuahua-Poodle Mix), and JuJu (Bichon Frise).

Donna Hobson

Donna believes that keeping a pet is the key to a happy life. Over the years, many creatures have passed through her home - Sooty the cat, Millie the rabbit, Stuart (Little) the guinea pig, and Trixie the tortoise, alongside her pet goldfish, Zippy, who lived to the grand old age of 24 years! She currently resides with her black kitten Jinx and an aquarium full of fish and snails to entrance them both. When she is not looking after her pets, Donna enjoys researching and writing the answers to all your pet-related wonders.

Dorothy Howarth-Rayfield

Dorothy is a pet-loving, animal-obsessed writer! She has 3 snakes (Erza, Jellal, and Kakarot) and a bearded dragon (Gertrude, whom she loves hanging out with during her free time.

Elizabeth BrownPet concierge company owner and vet tech

Elizabeth has two big passions in life: animals and writing. She manages her own pet concierge company and is also a vet tech and freelance writer with over 15 years of experience. Elizabeth has a big heart for giant breed dogs, and she currently shares her home with a Boerboel, 5 demandingly cute cats, and a very talkative African Grey Parrot named Dude!

Emily WeigelVeterinary assistant

Emily has a master’s degree in marine sciences, and if you know a remarkable aquatic fact or story, she wants you to share it! She’s enjoyed her jobs as an aquarist at Bass Pro Shops, educator and caretaker at several aquatic science centers around the U.S., and veterinary assistant and client services coordinator at her local pet hospital. Her pets are Alyeska, a watchful bull boxer pit; Miki, a squat-jumping Chihuahua-Jack Russell; Coral, a tortie with a ‘tude; and Bonnie, a calico gymnast. She doesn’t have enough space to tell you about her many fish, but she loves them too!

Erica Martin

Erica is a cat lover, and although she doesn’t own any cats currently, she has owned a tabby cat in the past. In her spare time, she likes to play with her friends’ pets when she visits them.

Fabian Raemy

Fabian is an animal lover who has owned pets his whole life, from dogs and cats to tropical fish, songbirds, and lizards. He has two dogs, terriers, Yuma and Jethro, one wilder than the other! He’s happiest when fully immersed in the animal kingdom, and every creature has a place in his heart, whether cute and cuddly or fierce and ferocious!

Heather Doll

Heather is an animal lover who has grown up around animals all her life. Her favorite dog breed is a pug, but she currently has a mutt, Dakota. Her heart extends to all animals, no matter if they are fluffy or scaley. She may love a rambunctious dog or cat, but she will also be quick to tell you about the differences between a turtle and a tortoise.

Heather JarekBA Veterinary Technology

Heather is a lover of all animals, big and small. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in veterinary technology in 2014. She has been working as a licensed veterinary technician for the last eight years. Her favorite hobby is horseback riding, and she has been riding horses since the age of eight. She enjoys spending time with her family at the lake with their golden retriever Calista in her free time.

Holly Ramsey

Holly is a 2nd generation dog breeder/trainer and has over 25 years of experience with several different breeds. She enjoys working with her Japanese Chin and Rough Collies and helping her mom and daughter with their chosen breeds. Most evenings, Holly is hanging out with her daughter watching movies, crafting, or playing with the fur-kids.

Hunter Dominguez

Hunter is a pet owner and public historian with experience writing about domestic animals. Before becoming a historian, she worked at an emergency animal hospital and as a pet sitter. She loves researching and writing about dogs, cats, and small mammals. She also enjoys spending time with Nova, her 7-year-old Alaskan Malamute, and her brown tabby cat.

James Honey

James has been training and caring for dogs for a decade. He currently lives in a tiny home with his wife and Labrador/ Retriever, Jessie. He enjoys traveling, playing music, and going on nature adventures.

Jane Kenney

Jane is a lover of all things animals and animal welfare. She has two guinea pigs that are her pride and joy, Rick and Morty, a baby ball python named Kaa, and a leopard gecko named Gary. She and her partner plan to develop a “guinea pig room” in their house, a room dedicated to housing and caring for guinea pigs of all breeds and ages.

Janet Forster

Janet hails from sunny Perth in Western Australia. During a lifetime spent with horses, she has bred, competed, judged, loved, and written about them extensively. She owns a collection of Thoroughbreds, mostly palominos and registered Australian Stock Horses. She’s also had several dogs, many cats (including the fortunate Jerry, who has now survived two snake bites), a goat, sheep, a pig, and various assorted poultry.

Jared Wyma-Bradley Professional pet-sitter

Growing up on a small farm, Jared had every kind of pet, from ducks to donkeys. He started pet-sitting professionally in 2014. His animal companions these days are two guinea pigs and a Samoyed named Georgia, who participates in competitive obedience and trick dog titles. Jared is an animal fanatic and would spend every day at the zoo or in the woods if he could.

Jayme Wium

Jayme is a pet niche writer with 13 years experience. As an avid pet lover, she has dedicated many years of her life to researching the pet industry. She currently works for a dog rehab rescue center and personally fosters abused and abandoned animals, including cats, birds, reptiles, and dogs. She lives with her Dachshunds and Jack Russel, traveling frequently between the United Kingdom and South Africa.

Jen Osborn

Born with a pen and a deadline, Jen considers writing a vocation, an art, and a release. She’s a freelance content and copywriter who specializes in the pet industry. Previously, she was the founder/director of an animal sanctuary, taught classes to middle school students about dog behavior, and has lived a life full of devotion to animals and their welfare. She currently lives with four delightful canines who encourage her to put her head out the car window more often.

Jennifer Hinders

Jennifer writes extensively about dogs for pet blogs and magazines. Jennifer is a dog parent to Sam, an energetic cattle dog/ lab mix she rescued 11 years ago. Sam's hardy breed makes him act like a pup which makes him lots of fun.

Jennifer Maude

Jennifer Maude owns a goofy five-year-old lab mastiff mix named Parnia. She is an animal lover and has previously owned birds, fish, and various small furry animals. For fun, she walks her dog and enjoys the occasional glass of wine.

Jennifer Nelson-Cave

Jen’s love for animals began with her first dog, a big goof of a Rottweiler named Lakota. Since then, she has rescued a terrier mutt and currently shares her home with a rescued Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Momo. For fun, she likes to take Momo to the dog park.

Jessica Meder

Jessica is a writer and content creator currently living in Tampa, FL. She has two cats named Hermione and Demitri. As a lifelong animal lover, she loves creating content about household pets and wildlife. In her free time, you can find her at a coffee shop or in a bookstore—bonus points if it is pet-friendly!

Jessica Montes

Jessica is a California-based writer, journalist, lover of animals, and vegan of 17 years. Growing up, she owned parakeets, fish, a rabbit, and a red-eared slider turtle. She currently has a black cat named Marty and a tabby named Jellybean. In her free time, she enjoys reading, baking, camping, and roller skating to funky tunes.

Jill Horton

Jill is a rescue animal advocate and volunteer at Free to Live Animal Sanctuary. Her social media posts contain adoptable dogs and cats from there. Dogs Lucius and Colossus, cats Moses and Maximus, and four parakeets keep her on her toes at home. If you need help finding Jill, check her writing cave. She is likely typing away on her newest article or animal-themed children's book.

Jonathan Hakanson

Jonathan has been a dog owner for 15+ years. From growing up on a farm and always having a dog to living in the city and caring for his dog Sadida, he's become more knowledgeable and aware of best practices when caring for a furry friend. Sadida was adopted from an animal shelter in Fort Collins, CO. He is a mixed breed with characteristics resembling a Golden Retriever and Terrier.

Jordan Donahue

Jordan loves all dogs and has one furry friend of her own - a French Bulldog named Philly, the love of her life. Writing is one of Jordan's passions; she has been writing content for pet-related blogs for the past year. She enjoys working out, traveling to new places, and painting in her spare time.

Katie Omeara

Katie is an animal lover with five years of experience in the pet industry. She studied biology with a focus on conservation and animal behavior in college. She lives at home with six beloved dogs, a cat, and a bird. For fun, she loves hiking with her border collie, Lexie, birdwatching, and shopping.

Katie Wickliff

Katie is a Colorado-based writer, educator, and animal lover who firmly believes life is better with a pet by your side. She currently shares her home with various creatures. In her free time, Katie loves to explore the mountains with her family and their Rough Collie, Story.

Kelley McFarland

Kelley is a life-long animal lover who has experience caring for goats, alpacas, chickens, and dogs on a 3-acre hobby farm. Since moving to the Dallas suburbs, she enjoys exploring the neighborhood with Finn and Cody, her chocolate Labradoodle and spunky Boston Terrier Pug.

Kelly Lett

A lifelong animal lover, Kelly grew up with various pets; dogs, cats, rabbits, snakes, and breaded dragons. Her fascination with animals was indulged by her parents and friends. She went on to work in a zoo and an exotic pet store. These days she keeps it simple with her two dogs, Stanley and Stella, and her one cat, Simone.

Kenny Jarvis

Kenny is a passionate animal lover who finds joy in the diverse world of pets. He frequently embarks on zoo adventures with his children, immersing himself in the wonders of nature. At home, Kenny tends to a much-loved aquarium, nurturing a thriving underwater ecosystem. Through his passion for writing, he aims to help fellow animal lovers create happy and healthy environments for their pets.

Kim Anisi

Kim currently works with birds of prey, dogs, cats, and some horses in Scotland. Her other big love is gulls, ravens, and chickens – which started during her time as a bird rescue volunteer in New Zealand. You'll often find her stalking animals with a camera, or walking dogs, including Ivory, her Golden Retriever.

Kim MayesProfessional dog trainer and certified dog photographer

Kim is a Knowledge Assessed Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Certified Trick & Stunt Dog Judge, an Animal Actors Evaluator, an AKC Canine Good Citizen, and a published author in dog training/behavior with over 20 years of experience. She owns Rockin' Dawgs Photography and is certified as a Dog Photography Master, one of only a handful of photographers to earn this achievement in the United States. She shares her life with 3 Siberian Huskies and 1 Chinese Crested Dog, who are her daily inspirations in all that she does.

Kirsty Wilson

Kirsty is a Wildlife enthusiast and overall animal lover with experience in all forms of animal rehabilitation and husbandry. She was raised in a remote community bordering farmlands and natural veldt, where endemic South African species weren’t uncommon.

Kirsty is the proud mom of her own fluffy black cat named Atlas and has plenty of “adopted” animals from her professional pet sitting!

Kristen Chandler

Kristen is a content writer, dog lover, and a mom to 3 teenagers and a feisty Schnoodle named Sam. Sam loves barking, running, and spending time with his family. However, he isn't a fan of FedEx and UPS trucks! Kristen likes spending time with her family, rooting for kids in all their activities, reading, and listening to true crime podcasts.

Lauren Bentle

As a dedicated writer, Laura is passionate about nurturing the mind and soul through the written word. With a heart deeply rooted in her love of gardening, pets, and food, she crafts stories and articles that celebrate the beauty of life's simple pleasures.

Lauren Rey

A lover of all animals, Lauren’s background is in the veterinary world, but she is now a content writer on travel, wildlife, and all things pets! She’s based in Florida, but when not writing, she’s usually plotting out a new road trip route with her partner-in-crime. Pickles is a mixed-breed rescue dog that loves hiking, road trips, and Starbucks just as much as her mom does!

Lilianna Parker Certified dog trainer

Lilianna is an animal lover and certified dog trainer through the Animal Behavior College. With over three years of experience training dogs and writing about animals, Lilianna is as passionate as she is knowledgeable. When not hard at work, she spends time hiking and going on adventures with her Shiba Inu Cleo.

Lisa Szymanski

Lisa is a wildlife enthusiast who enjoys hiking and gardening and has four years of experience volunteering at pet shelters. She is the proud mom of two dogs, a Pitbull named Ragnar, a Boerboel named Blueberry, and four feisty chickens, or as she calls them, the "queens of the yard," Goldie, Gray, Peaches, and Brownie.

Liza CahnVeterinarian

Liza is a veterinarian who graduated from MSU CVM in 2013 and spent five years working in small animal practice. She loved working with dogs and cats and educating owners on all aspects of veterinary medicine, especially animal behavior, and dermatology. She has since transitioned to remote work to spend more time at home with her husband, two young kids, and two cats. She is thrilled to be able to combine her passions for veterinary medicine and writing. Liza is located in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys traveling, spending time at the beach, and family movie nights

Lorelei Perry

Lorelei is a pet lover and currently owns three pets. She has two cats named Doodle and Mouse and a new kitten named Stewie. She’s had various pets, such as dogs, birds, fish, hamsters, hermit crabs, and more. For fun, she spends time playing with her cats, playing video games, and traveling.

Mary Kimaiyo

Mary is an animal scientist based in Kenya with an extensive experience in pet food. She writes pet articles to share tips she has gained from her 10+ years of animal care. Her love for animals stems from childhood, growing up on her farm when she first rescued a Blue Jay. Since then, she has rescued and rehabilitated several birds. Life is not complete without animals!

Matt Whittaker

Matt grew up with 2 pet beagles. Both lived to be 16 years old and were simply outstanding. His favorite pets are dogs. Matt is an avid runner and enjoys the outdoors

Maya Keith

Maya is a lifelong animal lover. While she switched from studying veterinary medicine to English, she continues to help by fostering animals in her community. Her permanent residents include 3 dogs, 2 cats, 5 quail, 19 chickens, and a small colony of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.

Meagan Hubbell

Meagan is a gifted teacher and writer with 16 years of experience in the classroom. As an avid animal lover, she has two rescue dogs named Hogan and Reese, that have been members of her household for 15 years. Hogan is a Maltese and Poodle mix, and Reese is a hound mix. Meagan is also a mom to two boys and married to a stream and fish ecologist. When Meagan isn’t writing or teaching, she spends time outside hiking or on a road trip to the mountains.

Melissa Branthaver

Melissa is a dog mom of two - Fitzwilliam (4, Yorkshire Terrier) and Bingley (3, Newfiedoodle). She’s a long-time dog sister, auntie, and general dog enthusiast who prefers dogs to people. When she’s not giving them all the pets and snuggles, you can find Melissa chasing her toddler around, spending time with her husband, or crafting with her Cricut while listening to audiobooks.

Michael C.BA Fisheries and Wildlife

Michael holds a BS degree in Fisheries and Wildlife from Michigan State University. He formerly worked at a pet store as an animal care associate and is the former president of the MSU Herpetological Society. Michael currently owns three snakes (a corn snake, a Kenyan sand boa, and a checkered garter snake) and a leopard gecko. Interests include almost anything animal-related. Michael enjoys drawing, gaming, and having fun in his free time.

Miss Geetali

Geetali is the loving owner of two cats (Crusty and Buttercup,) seven species of fish, and a Golden retriever (Sunny). Having grown up with golden retrievers, Geetali has a great deal of experience with dogs but labels herself a lover of all pets. Having received a Master’s degree in English, Geetali has combined her love for pets and her passion for writing to create her own freelance writing business specializing in the pet niche.

Mohsin IqbalVeterinarian

Mohsin Iqbal is a writer by passion and a Veterinarian by profession. He has 5 years of experience as a Pet Practitioner. He has always been an animal lover, and he decided to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine to help animals in need. Mohsin is the proud owner of Jacky the German shepherd and two cats, Casper and Bella. He is also the Vice President of an Animal Rescue Organization.

Molly Weinfurter

Molly has over 5 years of experience writing about animals for various websites. She has two pets of her own: a small dog (Mabel) and an axolotl (Wooper). She’s extremely passionate about helping animals in need, so she regularly volunteers with animal organizations by fostering pets, helping at adoption events, and educating about puppy mills.

Monika Dimitrovska

Monika is a pet enthusiast and seasoned copywriter with a tech degree. She loves writing, but her heart belongs to her two mixed dogs, Buba and Bono, a mother-son duo. Bono’s siblings found loving homes, sparking Monika’s advocacy for neutering and deepening her curiosity about animal care.

But Monika’s pet family doesn’t end there. She also has two cockatiels and two rescue cats, proving her home is a haven for creatures big and small.

Nancy Schaffer

Nancy is a dog lover with a special place in her heart for Labradors. She has been surrounded by dogs her whole life and now has two of her own - a chocolate named Betty Belle and a black Lab named Darcy Bear. Nancy’s love for dogs began at a young age, and she has always been drawn to this breed’s friendly and affectionate nature. When she's not snuggling with her pups, Nancy can be found hiking or camping with her dogs. They are always ready to go outside!

Natasha Elder

Natasha is a mother, a wife, a writer, and a serial cat owner. Though she is currently in mourning, her heart not ready for another feline family member just yet, she has always lived life with four paws beside her. She loves – you guessed it – cats, as well as creatures of the fluffy, scaly, and finned variety. Natasha longs to meet Sir David Attenborough one day and is passionate about responsible pet ownership

Nikita Hillier

Nikita is a huge animal lover who has grown up on a farm with many different animals, from dogs and cats to horses and cows! She has a lot of experience in the equine industry and is even in the process of studying for an internationally accredited Equine Sports Massage Certificate! In her spare time, she enjoys writing and spending time with her beloved animals!

Olivia Stultz

Olivia is an animal lover with over 6 years of experience working with therapy dogs and horses. She has one Boston Terrier named Theo, who is a certified therapy dog. In her free time, Olivia loves to walk the trails with Theo or cook up a new healthy recipe for her loved ones.

Ryan Brennan

Ryan is a content writer with 10+ years of experience in the field. He is the proud owner of a white domestic short-haired cat with black spots named Jaxx - he looks like a cow, but acts and sounds like a cat. They enjoy doing laps around the house with a laser pointer and snuggling when it’s time for bed. Ryan hopes to give Jaxx a puppy friend someday.

Samantha DevinePracticing veterinarian

Dr. Samantha Devine is a practicing veterinarian who attended Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. While she spends her days in general practice, she has experience in aquariums, zoo settings, and preventive care. She has a pair of rambunctious pups, Morgan and Penny, and her family also has several horses.

Sara DeSantis

Sara is a professional librarian and loves to learn. She loves all animals, especially dogs. Her family dog is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Babbitt. Sara enjoys traveling, listening to music, and petting any dog she walks by.

Sara Kaplan

Sara is an animal enthusiast and a passionate writer since childhood. She has one cat, Birdy, a tiger tabby she rescued from a shelter. Born a New Yorker and now living in Colorado, she loves being outdoors and feels at home with Mother Nature. When not writing, she enjoys reading, adventuring, and playing the piano. She also loves to draw.

Sara Payne

Sara is a mother of two and a high school English teacher who rediscovered her love of writing during the pandemic. She has 5 rescue cats: Neville and Luna, who are white cats with black and grey spots, and Ginny, Blue, and Fairy, who are calicos. Besides taking care of humans and fur babies, Sara enjoys gardening, crafting, and spending time in nature.

Sara Rumrill

Sara lives in the US with six pets - a pit bull, a shi-tzu, and four cats, named Frankie, Morty, Ralphie, Stevie, Fritz, and Ayla. She has been in the veterinary field for over a decade and considers animal care to be her life's work.

Sarah Williams

Sarah, an avid writer with a soft spot for all furry companions, shares her home with two charming black cats, Bandit and Squeak. With a wealth of experience in caring for various pets, including rabbits, dogs, hamsters, and more, Sarah loves to share tips, tricks, and insights with other animal lovers.

Sari Boudreau

Sari is an animal lover with more than a decade of experience in writing about animal breeding, pet care, raising farm animals, and just about anything else to do with pets. She has three cats, Pink Floyd (more like a dog trapped in a cat's body), Buzz Buzz, and Hoggle, and she feeds the feral cats that hang out around her home. In her spare time, she loves photography, reading, painting, playing the guitar, swimming, and going to yard sales/thrift stores.

Shannon Whitlock

Shannon has grown up with dogs and recently entered the world of dog ownership by adopting a Terrier cross, Eddie. She has been a freelance writer for five years, finally turning her hobby into a career. As well as Eddie, she also has three children who keep her busy. One day, she aspires to own a menagerie of animals, including a Highland cow and some chickens.

Stacey McDonald

Stacey is a lifelong animal lover with a soft spot for pocket pets. She has had 10+ guinea pigs over the course of her life and has also spent years pet-sitting dogs, cats, rabbits, and the occasional fish. Stacey strongly believes in supporting animal rescues and adopting animals from shelters and can often be found scrolling the pet adoption pages of her local humane society.

Staci Hunsinger

Staci is a mother of 3 crazy kids, 1 racing husband, 3 cats, and a dog! She loves to cook, bake, read, craft, and enjoy life. So here’s to life and the joy you make of it!

Stefanie Addis

Stefanie is a freelance writer and blog owner in Houston, TX. She's a proud cat parent to Indy, a talkative, pleasantly plump lapcat she rescued from the pet shelter. She named her Indy because she gained her "independence" from the shelter on the Fourth of July. Stefanie’s years of writing experience allow her to answer readers' questions with well-researched and fact-checked information.

Stephen Fraser

Stephen is an avid dog lover with over 5 years of experience training dogs. He is a dog dad of two: Kobe, a Lab mix, and Noah, a Border Collie mix. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking with his wife and dogs, working out, and shredding the slopes! His spirit animal is an avalanche dog.

Tabinda Ramish

Tabinda is a writer and life enthusiast who can write a book about her irrational love for pets. She spends most of her time reading and talking about pets. She believes we all have a shared responsibility to make this world a better place for all living creatures, including animals.

Tamara Bray

Tamara is an animal lover from South Africa with years of experience researching and writing about reptiles of all sizes. She has three dogs, Lulu, Ciri, and Rafiki, all from a rescue organization. In her spare time, Tamara likes to go on trail walks and often has her nose buried in a book.

Tanya Taylor

Tanya is a trusted animal care professional and has devoted her life to animals. In her 25-year career, she’s worked with all kinds of creatures in many environments, including three years caring for small animals as a veterinary nursing assistant and five years birthing down racehorses.

She is an expert farm and dog sitter - and has spent many hours volunteering at her local pony sanctuary. Tanya is originally from Liverpool in the UK, but now she lives in Ibiza, Spain, with her cheeky red terrier Leo and three Leopard tortoise hatchlings, Ninja, Tiny, and Orwell.

Thalia Oosthuizen

Thalia has been a freelance writer for over a decade and a dog (and animal) lover for over 30 years. She grew up on a farm where, at one stage, she had 15 dogs. She currently has one dog, Avery - an adorable pavement special with an extra toe on each foot, and two rescue cats - Boris and Mango. In her spare time, Thalia enjoys running, cycling, swimming, and reading

Tomislav Lovric

Tom is a dog lover and a proud owner of a German Shepherd called Bella. He has experience working with dog trainers, as well as Search and Rescue dogs. He also has over two years of experience researching and writing about many different breeds. Tom's free time is spent reading books, running, or playing football.

Treba Porter

Treba loves animals of all kinds, particularly dogs and cats. She has four years of experience writing about pets, but she has a lifetime of ownership and training experience. Treba lives with her family, including one very spoiled rescue cat, Pepper.

Whitney Drake Certified dog trainer

Whitney has worked in the animal welfare industry for over ten years, starting in grooming, venturing to the veterinary field, and currently for her local humane society since 2015. She is also a certified dog trainer with eight dogs and two cats (Bumble and Gator). She loves working breeds but has a variety of dogs at home that include a Rottweiler (Ellie), Dogue de Bordeaux (Butters), Cane Corso (Bagheera), English Mastiff (Mila), Saint Bernard (Ozzy), Shar Pei Mix (Rufus), and two Pomeranians (Indiana Jones and Meekoe).

Wilson Lawal

Wilson is a highly focused and detailed individual. He is a dog enthusiast and loves to learn about different dog breeds. He has spent the last four years researching and writing dog-related articles, reviews, and guides. He has an American Eskimo, Finn.