9 Pet Friendly Places to Take Your Dog in Denver

People in the Mile High City LOVE their dogs! All around Denver, you’ll see locals walking their pooches, pushing them in strollers, and carrying them in backpacks.

May 23, 2023By Jennifer Nelson-Cave
pet friendly places to take your dog in denver

If that were not enough, you may find people pushing their dog in a shopping cart around one of the local pet or hardware stores that you find across the city. But Denver is also home to some unique and special activities for dog lovers and their pooches. Here are nine of the best there are.

9. Halcyon Hotel

halcyon hotel gear garage

The Halcyon is a hotel in the trendy Cherry Creek North district - we’ll be talking more about that later. It’s luxurious, hip, has three delicious restaurants on-site, and is staffed by friendly, welcoming staff. The highlight is the Gear Garage, where guests can check out bikes with baskets and trailers for Fido, scooters, and other outdoor equipment for your adventures. Dogs will enjoy homemade treats, recommendations for dog-friendly outings, and tons of love.

8. Bruz Beers

hand holding beer mixed breed dog

Bruz Beers is a Belgian-style craft brewery in the up-and-coming Midtown neighborhood. Its original location on Pecos St. allows dogs inside and out, and hosts events as varied as bar trivia, crawfish boils, and terrarium workshops. The newly opened second location, on East Colfax Ave., has a dog-friendly patio.

7. Chewy’s Bonetique

chewys bonetique

Your dog wants you to go to Chewy’s Bonetique. A specialty pet store and groomer in Denver’s Lowry neighborhood, it is chock full of treats, toys, leashes, and training equipment. There is a self-service dog wash, along with pro groomers on staff. The real draw here is the local Colorado goods; not just toys and leashes, but Bonetique-exclusive cookies! Try the signature blueberry.

6. Little Man Ice Cream

little man ice cream denver

Imagine a giant milk can. Inside the milk can is a team of ice cream lovers, serving up the most delicious ice cream you’ve ever tasted. This is Little Man Ice Cream. The milk can is surrounded by an outdoor, dog-friendly dining area where people and pooches love to congregate. It’s one of the most popular and recognizable meeting spots in the Highland neighborhood.

5. Cherry Creek North

cherry creek north

The Cherry Creek North neighborhood is as luxurious as it is dog friendly. Your dog will be welcome in many of the stores, from pet shops to furniture stores to upscale boutiques. Outside, they’ll find lots of shade from big old trees, full water bowls, and plenty of interesting smells to sniff. The Halcyon Hotel, mentioned above, is a good place to enjoy some food on the patio or check in for the night.

4. Highlands Cork & Coffee

coffee shop patio

Highlands Cork & Coffee is a darling little coffee and wine shop in an old house in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood. The big draw for the dogs is the huge garden patio that wraps around the house on two sides, featuring full water bowls and the informal “Puppy Hour” that takes place on warm afternoons. For the humans, there’s delicious coffee and wine, along with tapas, paninis, and small plates.

3. Berkeley Dog Park

dog park

Across from Lakeside Amusement Park, Berkeley Dog Park is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. It was my local dog park for years until I left the neighborhood. It is huge, sandwiched between the amusement park and Berkeley Lake, and features a gravel surface for easy cleanup. It’s divided into areas for low and high-energy dogs, rather than dividing dogs by size. Once your dog gets their zoomies at the dog park, take them for a walk around Berkeley Lake or have a picnic at one of the many tables.

2. Denver Beer Co.

women cuddling golden retriever beers patio

One of Denver’s original craft breweries, making some of Denver’s best beers, Denver Beer Co. also has one of Colorado’s dog-friendliest patios! It’s large, servers are ready with pats and water, and dog owners know their pooches will have a good time here. Platte St. taproom, downtown, has been voted Denver’s best pet patio multiple times, and the beer itself has won its fair share of awards, too.

1. Crawford Hotel

shaggy white dog gray bed bowls toys hotel room

The Crawford Hotel in Denver’s Union Station is a luxury hotel for both people and pooches. Dogs get their own beds, along with matching food and water bowls, balls, treats, and chew toys. Humans can keep the peace while they’re out with the Furbo dog camera and treat dispenser. This will alert them to barking, allow them to watch what the dog’s doing in the room, and dispense treats.

From Highlands to LoDo, Lowry to Cherry Creek, Denver loves dogs. These are just a smattering of dog-friendly offerings around the Mile High City. With more dogs than children, it’s no surprise that so many places in Denver welcome dogs.

Jennifer Nelson-Cave
By Jennifer Nelson-Cave

Jen’s love for animals began with her first dog, a big goof of a Rottweiler named Lakota. Since then, she has rescued a terrier mutt and currently shares her home with a rescued Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Momo. For fun, she likes to take Momo to the dog park.