Top 10 Dog Friendly Travel Destinations in the US

Here are 10 of the most dog-friendly travel destinations in the US. Because sometimes our dogs need a vacation too!

Feb 13, 2023By Lauren Rey
Dog traveling in car

Nowadays, more people are traveling with pets and more public spaces have become dog friendly. From outdoor recreation areas, cafes serving special doggie menus, and even baseball stadiums hosting “bark at the park” nights, there are more places welcoming our four-legged friends than ever before!

10. Florida

Dog running in Florida beach

Florida is a very dog-friendly state! Most Florida State Parks allow dogs and there are many designated dog beaches around the state. Major cities like Miami, Orlando, and Tampa all have dog-friendly hotels, parks, and restaurants. If your pup is up for a water adventure, many locals often paddleboard and kayak with their dogs. Be sure to get them a dog lifejacket!

After some outdoor fun, you and your dog can cool off at Salty Paws Doggie Ice Cream Bar or grab lunch at Nauti Dawg Marina Cafe.

The Florida Marlins Baseball Team even welcomes dogs for special bark at the park nights.

Florida is known for two big things that dog owners need to be cautious of, extreme heat and alligators! Always follow veterinary recommendations for hot weather and don’t bring your dog out during high temperatures. Heatstroke can occur in just minutes!All bodies of freshwater in Florida can contain alligators. Keep your dog leashed and far away from lakes, ponds, and canals in Florida.

9. Georgia

Family hiking in Georgia with their labrador dog

Georgia has an abundance of dog-friendly parks and hiking trails. Plenty of hotels, campsites, and cabin rentals allow dogs as well. Along the Blue Ridge Mountains, the town of Ellijay is home to “The Pet Friendliest Cabin Company” Sliding Rock Cabins. These cabins not only allow dogs, but they also go the extra mile for them, filling their cabins with comfy dog beds, bowls, treats, and other amenities.

In the charming small mountain town of Helen, you’ll find Bear Creek Lodge, another very dog-friendly cabin rental with lots of hiking trails for you and your pup to explore. You can even take your dog tubing on the nearby Chattahoochee River.

Just like their neighbor, Florida, the Southern parts of Georgia can have alligators in their waters so exercise caution when visiting with your pup.

8. North Carolina

Dog in a brewery, in Asheville

North Carolina has many dog-friendly accommodations throughout the state and so much beautiful wilderness to explore with your furry friend. Perhaps the most dog-friendly city in North Carolina is Asheville. Dogs are welcome almost everywhere in Asheville. Most restaurants have dog-friendly patio seating (complete with dog menus!), and you’d be hard-pressed to find a brewery without at least one dog in it.

On the coastal side, there are many dog-friendly beaches and parks. Your dog can even accompany you on the ferry to Cape Lookout National Seashore.

While in the mountains, be "bear aware" and down South, like Florida and Georgia, parts of North Carolina are alligator territory, so use caution near water.

7. Colorado

Colorado dog hiking

Colorado is known for its outdoor adventure lifestyle and now many adventures can be had with your pup! From hiking the impressive red rock landscapes to cooling off in one of their dog-friendly lakes, Colorado has much to be explored for you and your furry friend. You can even take a scenic train ride through the Rocky Mountains with your dog.

Colorado is also home to one of the dog-friendliest pubs in the US, Pub Dog. Pub Dog has a dog park on-site and a special menu for dogs.

Colorado does have mountain lions and bears in certain wild areas. Keep your dog leashed on trails and heed warning signs.

6. New Mexico

Dog on a roadtrip

New Mexico is a great place to take a road trip with your dog. Cruise along scenic byways like the famous Route 66 and enjoy the sights and stops at dog-friendly landmarks like El Morro National Monument. Many of the state parks and some historical landmarks welcome canine visitors.

There are many hotels, shops, and restaurants that allow dogs around the state. You can even bring your dog on a sightseeing trolley tour around Albuquerque.

The desert landscapes of New Mexico are breathtaking but be aware, they do reach extreme temperatures and are home to venomous snakes. Use caution on hikes with your dog.

5. Vermont

Dog in Vermont park, in the fall playing with leafs

Vermont is known as one of the most dog-friendly states and home to Dog Mountain, a 150-acre property dedicated to man’s best friend. Dog Mountain has a massive outdoor area for dogs to play and explore, a dog-themed art gallery, and “dog chapel”. Owners of beloved dogs that have passed come to dog chapel to leave photos and sentiments that adorn the walls.

Dogs are allowed on most trails in Vermont and can enjoy a hike to a waterfall with their humans. Dogs are even welcome on the Gondola Sky Ride up to Stowe Mountain.

There are many options for dog-friendly lodging, including the most famous, Paw House Inn. This historic farmhouse, originally built in 1786, now serves as a “Bed and Breakfast” catered to visitors traveling with dogs.

The forests throughout Vermont are home to bears, coyotes, and bobcats. Keep your dog leashed on trails and use caution, especially with smaller pets.

4. Oregon

Oregon Lake, dog enjoying sunset

Oregon is full of beautiful parks, beaches, and lakes that are dog friendly. Hiking, kayaking, and paddleboarding with dogs are all popular activities throughout the state. Dogs are welcome at some of the most famous landmarks, including Multnomah Falls and Cannon Beach.

Portland is known for being one of the most dog-friendly cities, with many shops, restaurants, and hotels allowing dogs. They are also famous for their craft beer scene, so there is no shortage of dog-friendly breweries in the area.

With an abundance of wilderness around Oregon, visitors should be aware of local wildlife, including bears and mountain lions. Keep dogs leashed and observe your surroundings on hikes.

3. Washington

Dog in front of coffee shop, in Seattle

Washington is known for its bustling cities and picturesque Pacific Northwest landscapes. Many parks and wilderness areas welcome four-legged friends, including the iconic Olympic National Forest.

Seattle, the most populous city in Washington, has been ranked as one of the most dog-friendly cities in the US. They even hold a yearly "dogtoberfest". Seattle is also known for artisan coffee shops, and many of them are dog-friendly, like Bark Espresso. Your furry friend will be delighted to try their peanut butter "doggie latte". You can even catch a baseball game with your pup at Bark at the park hosted by the Seattle Mariners Baseball Team.

Dogs are welcome at Carson Ridge Cabins in the Columbia River Gorge. These cabins are surrounded by scenic trails and waterfalls for you and your dog to explore. They also have a dog-friendly restaurant and brewery.

Cougars and bears do inhabit the Washington wilderness, so be vigilant and keep dogs on a leash in natural areas.

2. Tennessee

Tennessee Waterfall dog

Tennessee is full of dog-friendly adventures! From the mountains to the big cities, there are lots of things to see and do with your pup.

The city of Nashville has many dog-friendly parks as well as nice areas to take a stroll by the river. Dogs are also welcome to dine at Double Dogs restaurant.

Nestled in the Smoky Mountains, the town of Gatlinburg is very dog-friendly! Many cabins, hiking trails, and outdoor spaces allow dogs. Dogs are even welcome to accompany their owners on the Gatlinburg Sky Lift, hang out at the Sugarlands Distillery, or go tubing on the river.

Chattanooga is home to the famous Rock City geological park and gardens. Dogs are welcome on all the trails and in the cafe, where they have a special dog menu.

The mountains and forests of Tennessee are home to bears and venomous snakes, so keep your pup leashed and be aware of your surroundings in the wild.

1. California

Dog in beach sunset, California

California is a large state with an abundance of beaches, parks, forests, deserts, and mountains to explore. From Lake Tahoe to the Golden Gate Bridge, travelers with dogs are sure to find plenty of adventure no matter where they visit.

Many hotels, restaurants, shops, and parks throughout the state allow dogs. Dogs are even welcome at several Vineyards and Wineries in Napa Valley. Although some of the famous National Parks in California do not permit dogs (due to wildlife) there are many smaller parks and hiking trails throughout the state that do. It’s easy to find them through the California State Parks List.

With so many dog beaches in California, there is no shortage of water activities for your pup. Many beachgoers can be seen kayaking, paddleboarding, and even surfing with their dogs! California is home to the World Dog Surfing Championships.

Cute dog, wearing sunglasses, surfing in California

The city of San Diego is known as a "pet-friendly paradise".There are many dog-friendly beaches and parks including the most famous, Coronado Beach. There are also several breweries in the area that open their doors to dogs like Poochie's Hooch.

You can explore the bay with your pup on a boat ride from Eco Boat Rentals then stop by Dexter's Deli for dogs for a special treat. Your dog will have the time of its life in San Diego!

California is known for its diverse population of wildlife. Forests and mountains in California can have bears, mountain lions, coyotes, and venomous snakes. Pet owners should use caution when entering a wildlife habitat with their dogs and follow all posted warnings.

Lauren Rey
By Lauren Rey

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