10 Amazing Instagram Dogs You Should Follow

Ready to brighten your feed with some paws-itivity? Here are 10 amazing Instagram dogs you should follow!

Mar 14, 2023byLauren Rey

With so many different types of characters and content that can divide us on social media, nothing unites us more than dogs! Dogs are the unequivocal kings of social media. Even people who don’t particularly like social media or post much content about themselves will post about their dogs and follow other dog pages. Dogs bring a type of lightheartedness and positivity that everyone can rally around.

From heartwarming rescue stories to surfing dogs and a celebrity pug, here are 10 amazing Instagram dogs you should follow!

10. The Lady Shortcake

lady shortcake

One look into Lady Shortcake’s big brown eyes will instantly melt your heart! Lady Shortcake is a sweet bully-breed girl rescued from the streets with a severe case of mange. She was taken in and nursed back to health by Fresno Bully Rescue. Now she’s living her best life and enjoying trips to the beach with her new family in Southern California.

Known for her signature smile and sweet personality, Lady Shortcake has become an ambassador for bully breeds everywhere. Give her a follow on Instagram, @theladyshortcake to brighten your day!

9. Derby California

derby california

Meet Derby the doodle, he’s pretty much the coolest dog ever! Sporting matching blue mohawks with his dad, Derby is a surfing champion, children’s book character, and has his own line of hoodies.

Derby is a local celebrity in San Diego and the unofficial mascot of the World Dog Surfing Championships. Keep up with Derby’s surfing adventures on his Instagram, @derbycalifornia.

8. Piglet the Pup

piglet the pup

Piglet had a rough start in life, she was found on the streets as a puppy and endured some awful cruelty. The Northwest Dog Project stepped in to turn Piglet’s life around, providing medical care and eventually connecting her with a forever home!

Piglet is partially blind and fully deaf but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying paddleboarding and puppuccinos with her new family! This sweet Pitbull-mix girl is living her best life now on the coast of Maine. Follow Piglet’s journey on Instagram, @_pigletthepup.

7. Popeye the Foodie

popeye the foodie

Say hello to Popeye the Foodie! Popeye is a former LA stray who will never go hungry again! This adorable little teddy bear of a dog is living all his foodie dreams with his new mom. Popeye enjoys visiting all the dog-friendly restaurants and sampling the best cuisines.

Although Popeye is frequently featured sitting in front of elaborate tables of food, his mom ensures he only samples foods that are safe for him.

You can follow Popeye and all his foodie adventures on his Instagram @popeyethefoodie, he knows all the best restaurants!

6. Nutterbutter Rescue Pupper

nutter butter rescue pupper

Nutterbutter Rescue Pupper aka Peanut, is known for his unique wide ears and adorable face. Lovingly known as a “supermutt” Peanut has a whopping 12 different breeds in him according to DNA tests.

Peanut was adopted from the Nevada Humane Society and is now their official mascot. He is also a certified therapy dog and visits patients in hospitals to brighten their day.

Give Peanut a follow at @nutterbutterrescuepupper for a little cheer in your Instagram feed!

5. Maya Polar Bear

maya polar bear

Meet Maya the Polar Bear! This gorgeous girl is a Samoyed that lives in Germany. With an impressive 1.9 million followers, Maya is one of the most popular dogs on Instagram. A self-proclaimed “infloofencer” and watermelon connoisseur, Maya’s adorable antics are sure to bring a smile to your face!

Follow Maya’s Instagram, @mayapolarbear to see what this fluffy bear is up to next!

4. Tuna Melts My Heart

tuna melts my heart

One look at Tuna and you can tell he is a very special boy! Tuna is a “chiweenie” (chihuahua/dachshund mix) rescue that has climbed the ranks of social media to over 2 million followers. Tuna’s unique appearance is due to an exaggerated overbite and recessed jaw.

In addition to being a rescue ambassador, this little social media star also travels the world and offers insight on dog-friendly hotels.

You can keep up with Tuna’s rescue work, travels, and overall adorableness on his Instagram, @tunameltsmyheart.

3. Mo the Screaming Staffy

mo the screaming staffy

Say hello to Mo! This handsome staffy boy is aptly known as “Mo the Screaming Staffy” for his excited high pitched “screams”. Mo is a very vocal dog and will let you know when he’s having a good time.

Mo was rescued from the streets of Phoenix and now spends his days having epic adventures with his new family. Mo loves car rides, hiking, camping, and lots of snacks!

Take a scroll through Mo’s Instagram, @mothescreamingstaffy to hear his hilarious signature sounds.

2. Adventures Of Camper

adventures of camper

Abandoned in the desert as a puppy, Camper’s start in life was a bit of a heartbreaking one. After being found by a hiker (who became his new mom!), he got a whole new lease on life and is now helping other dogs in need.

Camper travels the US with his outdoor adventurer and YouTuber mom, Nikki Delventhal. After finding Camper on a desert trail, the two became inseparable and now share their journey with the world. Camper’s mom also started Camper Cares; a charity dedicated to helping animals in need of medical care.

Follow Camper’s heartwarming story and continued adventures on his Instagram, @adventuresofcamper.

1. Its Doug the Pug

its doug the pug

Perhaps the King of Instagram, Doug the Pug is one of the most famous dogs with over 3 million followers! This spunky little pug and pizza connoisseur has traveled all over the world, had celebrity appearances, and even won a People’s Choice Award!

Doug has a busy schedule, but between music video appearances and attending awards shows, he makes time for his most important endeavor, the Doug the Pug Foundation. Doug’s foundation raises money for children with cancer and Doug regularly visits hospitals.

Keep up with all of Doug’s important work on his Instagram, @itsdougthepug.

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byLauren Rey

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