Anna JavashviliPublisher

With over 10 years of experience in the publishing industry, Anna’s exceptional dedication brings valuable content for our readers to enjoy every day.

Colt DoddSenior Editor

Colt Dodd is a sighthound enthusiast with three years of freelance writing experience. Colt has been a writer at PetMojo before joining the team as an Editor. He has an Italian Greyhound/Shetland sheepdog mix named Homer.

Eddie PachaSenior Editor

Eddie Pacha is an experienced IT consultant and avid dog lover with a soft spot for wildlife. When he's not busy streamlining IT systems or advocating for animal welfare, he’s likely immersed in an animal documentary, on the golf course, or watching football.

Marc GradiosEditor-in-Chief

Marc is a true animal enthusiast with an infinite passion for dogs and horses. Growing up on a farm, Marc developed a love for animals. His family had several horses, which he would often ride and care for, and his first dog, Max - a Pomeranian - was his shadow. Over the years, Marc has taken in nearly 90 rescue dogs and found them good homes. He also volunteered his free time at local animal shelters. When he's not spending time with his pets, Marc can be found with his daughter at the soccer field.

Moula RozyGraphic Designer & Media Editor

Moula holds a BA in Creative Arts from Quaid-I-Azam University. As our graphic designer, Moula brings creativity and innovation to every project.