Are Baby Ball Pythons Easy to Care For?

Being one of the most docile reptiles in the snake family, this exotic animal can become a beloved addition to anyone’s household with the proper care and tools on hand.

Sep 5, 2023byJane Kenney
are baby ball pythons easy to care for

If you’re a reptile enthusiast of any kind, chances are you’ve thought about adding a snake, such as a baby ball python, to your wildlife family at home. The good news is that baby ball pythons are fairly easy to care for, so if you decide on this type of snake to bring home, it won’t be too difficult to fall into a simple routine of basic care and maintenance. It’s much easier to care for baby ball pythons than you’d think—you’ll quickly realize why baby ball pythons have managed to carry the name of the most popular pet snake to own.

Baby Ball Pythons are Low Maintenance

baby ball python
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One of the biggest reasons that a baby ball python can be easy to care for and a good pet is that they are fairly low maintenance. They typically do not require much attention from their handlers in order to thrive and prosper.

Additionally, when it comes to food, they also have a generally low food cost and can adapt to eating thawed-out frozen mice once a week or even once every two weeks (I promise, it’s not as bad as it sounds, even as a rodent lover myself). Because baby ball pythons eat infrequently, this also means they defecate to a lesser extent as well, making clean-up time for their enclosure just as infrequent and easy to do. So if you’re in the market for a pet that is super low-maintenance and easy on cleanliness, a baby ball python might be the best option for you.

They are Well-Disposed to Handling

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While some reptiles don’t care to be handled much, baby ball pythons are well-disposed to handling and will adapt. They are usually agreeable creatures and will become accepting of physical contact with their handlers.

It’s still important to remember that these are still wild animals, and if you touch them in a way that stresses them out, they may deliver a bite. However, even when they do bite, it usually isn’t painful or venomous. Just keep it in mind to keep your hands away from their head and pick them up from behind instead of directly in front of them to keep them out of distress.

Bearing this in mind, every snake is different, so while they might be gentle by nature and tolerate handling by their owner, it is very possible that they’d prefer to be handled as little as possible. Ultimately, treating them with the utmost care and respect each time you handle them and being aware of their body language while handling them will help you determine how they respond to being handled.

They Don’t Take up Too Much Space

baby ball python enclosure
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Baby ball pythons don’t take up much room and can adapt to living in a relatively small enclosure due to their small frame. Additionally, since they don’t need to be fed as regularly, they don’t grow much either (unless you decide to feed them more frequently—then they’ll grow in size, meaning a bigger enclosure may be necessary down the road).

It’s important to note that baby ball pythons will often cost anywhere from $60 to $200 from a breeder. It’s also recommended that you buy from a breeder instead of a pet store like Petco so that you can ensure the snake has been properly cared for prior to its transfer to your home.

The average size of an adult ball python is 3-5 feet long, and females are typically larger than their male counterparts. So if you’re tight on space, consider a male python, as males usually cap out at 3 feet. Another bonus is that their enclosure environment doesn’t require much work either, as they just require substrate, an area to burrow under like a log, a water bowl, and some accessories/decor to mimic their usual climate while keeping the tank nice and humid for them.

Baby ball Pythons Have a Long Lifespan

ball python
Source: AZ Animals

For some, a long lifespan means that the handler can work on building a long, thriving relationship with their reptile. For others, this may be a burden, as they do not anticipate or expect a baby ball python to live 20-30 years in captivity. Keep in mind that a lot can change in 20-30 years, including moving, growing your family, or even health issues that can impact your mobility, and, thus, your ability to care for the reptile.

These are all important things to think about and weigh your options while determining if a baby ball python is right for you.

Baby ball pythons are a great pet reptile to have if you’re looking to house a docile, gentle, and overall low-maintenance creature. They’re lowkey in the sense that you can leave them alone for long periods of time, but will also adapt to you handling them and just hang out for the ride with you. On top of being generally low-cost for feeding aside from the initial purchase, a baby ball python can be a great and easy pet to care for.

Jane Kenney
byJane Kenney

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