5 Cozy and Safe Cages That Guinea Pigs Will Love

Your guinea pig’s cage is one of the most important parts of their general care guidelines. Here are the best cages you can buy for your guinea pigs.

Sep 3, 2023By Jane Kenney
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If you ever go into a pet store, you may find tons of different materials for your furry friends. This includes Timothy hay, a water bottle, treats, and of course, a cage. However, the cages at your local pet store will only be viable for a guinea pig that’s less than six months old in most cases, as their cages are not appropriate for cavies as they grow bigger. Ultimately, they’ll need more space, which is where these top cages come in.

1. The Midwest

midwest cage

The Midwest cage is 47L x 24W x 14H Inches and is one of the cages I currently use to home my adult guinea pig, who is about three years old. It’s spacious and has an open top (with an optional cover and divider panel for extra). It’s the perfect option for a single adult-sized guinea pig, but if you’re looking for a cage to house more than one piggie, you may be interested in the next option.

2. C&C Cage

C_C cage

C&C cages are a popular option to home guinea pigs due to the customization of the cages. When you purchase a C&C cage, it comes with the cage bars you can attach, as well as the cardboard bottom that fits perfectly into the cage. The reason why this cage is so popular is that you can make it as wide or as long as you want, making it easier to house at least two guinea pigs. If you opt for a longer cage (such as the Jumbo cage), you can easily house 3-5 guinea pigs, depending on how big they are.

I currently use a C&C cage to house one of our newer piggies, who is less than a year old. It’s a wider setup, so I’ll typically put one of his brothers in there for playtime (enrichment and socialization are super important for your pigs, even if they’re separated).

3. Full Cheeks™ Courtyard Guinea Pig Habitat

Full Cheeks Courtyard Guinea Pig Habitat

The Full Cheeks™ Courtyard Guinea Pig Habitat is an option from PetSmart that actually fits in the guidelines from the Humane Society of the United States that require guinea pig cages to be at least 7.5 square feet for one pig and 10.5 square feet for two. This cage actually has 17.2 square feet of living space in the habitat, including its play yard addition. It also comes with a water bottle, food bowl, and hay feeder, making it a great bundle option.

4. GuineaDad Cages

guineadad cage

GuineaDad is by far one of the most respected companies out there dedicated to guinea pigs and their overall care. On top of having some really awesome, large cages with multiple levels, ramps, and pillars, they also provide additional care items such as top-rated fleeces, treats, and grooming materials. GuineaDad also provides care items for bunnies!

I currently use the GuineaDad fleeces and purchase pea flakes from time to time. A great resource to have in your back pocket for when you need anything for your cavies!

5. Krolik XXL Rabbit Cage w/ Wire Extension

Krolik XXL Rabbit Cage w_ Wire Extension

This is one of the best cages out there for providing space to multiple guinea pigs, even if it’s advertised for rabbits. The wire extension adds an extra area of room for your piggies to explore, providing more enrichment and brain stimulation. In total, the value provided includes two large water bottles, two hay feeders, a feeding bowl, and an elevated feeding area for up to two rabbits or three guinea pigs—a great bang for your buck!

Whether you are a new guinea pig owner or just looking to upgrade your current pet's home, the five best cages for guinea pigs listed provide the ideal space for your pet to explore, play, and relax. With enough space to move around and plenty of room for comfortable bedding and cozy hideaways, these cages offer the perfect environment for your guinea pig to call home.

Each of these cages offers something unique to the user, and it’s important to research the different styles to make sure that the cage is the best fit for your guinea pig’s needs. With proper research and care, you can choose a cage that will keep your guinea pigs safe, secure, and healthy.

It’s important to note that while pet stores like Petco can be a great tool for when you’re first starting out with your little one, they will require more care as they grow. You’ll need to have more resources available and know what to look for when searching for new cages, fleeces, and more, so any of these providers is a fantastic option when that time comes!

After all, a happy and healthy guinea pig is the best choice for any pet parent.

Jane Kenney
By Jane Kenney

Jane is a lover of all things animals and animal welfare. She has two guinea pigs that are her pride and joy, Rick and Morty, a baby ball python named Kaa, and a leopard gecko named Gary. She and her partner plan to develop a “guinea pig room” in their house, a room dedicated to housing and caring for guinea pigs of all breeds and ages.