6 Best Toys Strong Enough for a Corgi

Corgis may be small, but they are ferocious chewers and need a lot of toys and stimulation. Please keep reading to find out the 6 best toys strong enough for a Corgi.

Feb 7, 2024By Holly Ramsey
best toys strong enough for a corgi

Corgis were bred to herd cattle during the day and patrol the farm at night. Most Corgis nowadays do not spend their time herding and can become a bundle of energy in need of physical and mental stimulation. If they do not have things to keep them busy, they will find things such as shoes, drywall, or couch cushions.

Corgis can be quite hard on dog toys and finding toys strong enough to keep them occupied without being destroyed in the process. With thousands of dog toys on the market, it can be a little difficult to find the right toys that will be strong enough to withstand your Corgi. Here are six of the best toys strong enough.

What to Look for in Tough Toys for Corgis

corgi puppy with toy
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Being able to find the right toys for your Corgi comes down to which toys are the most durable. Cute toys that only last a day or two are not worth the money, or the clean-up. They can be especially dangerous if the toy is destroyed and ingested by your Corgi resulting in an expensive vet bill. Knowing pet first aid will help you in case your pup gets sick or injured.

Aggressive chewers will need toys that they cannot unravel or rip apart. Look for tear-resistant or indestructible materials that will last longer than a few days. Toys made from fire hoses are durable and fabulous for Corgis. You can find durable toys on Etsy, or Amazon or you can look at your local pet specialty stores.

Here are six great choices for tough toys that Corgis are sure to love.

Outward Hound Invincibles Gecko Plush Dog Toy

outward hound invincibles gecko toy
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Outward Hound has an entire line of dog toys made specifically for dogs who play rough and love to chew. The Dura-Tuff lining on the inside with double-layered outer seams makes it more difficult for your Corgi to rip apart.

The Invincible Gecko is a great toy for playing fetch or even tug-o-war. With no stuffing, if your Corgi does rip a hole in it, there will be no messy clean-up. There are several squeakers inside these toys so always supervise your Corgi when playing with their Outward Hound Invincible Gecko.

Petstages Crack N’ Fetch Stick Dog Toy

petstages crack n fetch stick
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Designed to be easy to carry, this toy makes a fun crackle sound that your Corgi will love. It is perfect for playing fetch and is durable enough to keep your dog entertained for hours. Its stick shape makes it easy for your Corgi to pick up and carry.

Get your Corgi’s attention when you twist the Crack N’ Fetch stick toy and make it crackle, then toss it through the air to start a lively game of fetch. When your pup chomps on the toy it will also crackle. The multi-colored toy is bright enough to not get lost in tall grass. This versatile toy also bounces or floats in water.

Tug-and-Go Fire Hose Ring Dog Toy

tug and go ring toy
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When your Corgi is in their destructive phase, usually from puppyhood through adulthood, this heavy-duty dog toy is designed using a recycled structural fire hose. These toys are made by hand and designed to last for years.

The Tug-and-Go Fire Hose Ring toy is two or three loops joined together to create the perfect toy to play tug-o-war with or great for a multi-dog home so the dogs can play together without destroying the toy. This is a toy that is virtually indestructible and well worth the price.

Kong Classic Toy

red kong classic dog toy
Image credit: Petco

Made of durable rubber, the Kong Classic Toy is a go-to favorite for many Corgi owners. This toy is perfect for keeping your Corgi happy when they are alone, or you need to keep them busy. Fill the Kong with yummy treats and let them roll it around to dispense the treats. Even your senior dog will love their Kong toy and the treats that are stuffed inside.

You can even stuff the Kong Classic Toy with Greek yogurt or peanut butter and freeze it for an hour before giving it to your Corgi. This toy will encourage your Corgi to use their brains and figure out how to get the treats out. The medium-size Kong is the ideal size for a Corgi, but they do come in sizes small to XXL.

GoughNuts Indestructible Ring Dog Toy

goughnuts orange ring dog toy
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One of the few toys on the market that has a safety guarantee, the GoughNuts Ring Dog toy is durable and perfect for heavy chewers, especially Corgis. Because of its ring shape, your Corgi will grab and chew on the toy in different spots making it harder for them to chew through it.

Grab the ring and play a spirited game of tug-o-war or toss it across the lawn for a game of fetch. On hot days, put the GoughNuts Ring toy in the freezer before giving it to your dog for a more refreshing playtime. For your Corgi, pick the GoughNut .75 toys created for dogs that are 10 to 40 pounds.

Trixie Activity Flip Board Strategy Game Dog Toy

trixie activity flip board dog toy
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Your Corgi will do the iconic butt wiggle when they see you pull out the Trixie Activity Flip Board game. This challenging game is the perfect interactive toy to work your dog’s mind and encourage their curiosity. Most Corgis love puzzle games, especially when their favorite yummy treats are hidden inside.

This interactive toy rewards your Corgi when they correctly open the compartments where their treats are hidden. Non-slip rubber feet keep the game from sliding across the floor during playtime, and the toy can be washed in your dishwasher.

Anyone with a Corgi will tell you that it is important to have a toybox filled with different types of toys, especially indestructible ones of every shape, size, and color. When you are shopping for your Corgi, choose chew toys, puzzle toys, soft crinkly toys, and even old repurposed fire hoses. There are several different styles to choose from, have fun and spoil your Corgi a little bit. Toys are a wonderful tool to ensure your Corgi gets the exercise they need to stay healthy.

Holly Ramsey
By Holly Ramsey

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