Can You Cremate Your Dog?

There are many services that allow you to cremate your dog, then get their ashes in a special container. You can choose to scatter them or keep the urn.

Mar 23, 2024byThalia Oosthuizen
can you cremate your dog

Nobody wants to think about saying goodbye to a beloved companion. Yet, having a memorial plan in place can alleviate your stress and help you achieve closure when the time comes. While you may choose to bury your dog on your property (or have the vet handle the remains), you can also opt to have them cremated. It’s a good idea to have an organization in mind before your dog passes away, so you can ensure that the arrangements are in place.

You Can Cremate Your Dog

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As noted, you can get your dog cremated. Many people choose to cremate their dogs and keep their ashes. Some people keep these ashes in specially made urns, while others scatter them in a memorable place, like a dog park.

Websites like Etsy provide an amazing selection of urn makers who can personalize your urn. They also ship worldwide, so you really have endless options when choosing what’s right for you.

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When organizing a cremation, it’s best to ask your vet about your options. In fact, most vets can help grieving owners by collecting the dog and sending it away to be cremated. This means that you only have to take your dog to the vet and return to collect its ashes.

Even if your vet doesn’t offer this service, you’ll be able to get more information about who to contact to begin with the cremation process. While some pet insurance companies don’t include cremation as part of their packages, many offer it. Therefore, if cremation is an idea that appeals to you, it is probably a good idea to reach out to your pet insurance company.

Options for Memorializing Your Dog

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Here are some ways that you can honor your precious pup’s memory:

Preserve Your Dog’s Paw Print in Clay

Dog Paw Print in Clay
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Creating an impression of your dog’s paw in clay is a unique and amazing way to keep their memory alive. Due to this trend’s popularity, there are several online shops that provide fantastic kits that have been specifically designed for paw print taking.

There are also many fabulous how-to guides on the internet that will help make this activity a beautiful bonding one. If this is an idea that appeals to you, it is best to do it sooner rather than later. Since our dogs are part of the family, organizing a family event to create a paw print is a great way to make something that is memorable and filled with love.

Have a Customized, Unique Art Piece Created

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Artists understand how deeply we feel about our dogs because many of them have beloved pets at home, too. As a result, there are an impressive number of extraordinary jewelry designers who can help you design a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece that memorializes your one-of-a-kind pal.

Some designers can hand-paint a stunning picture of your pet onto a pendant. There are also designers who can incorporate some of your pet’s ashes into the jewelry piece. Regardless of your style or preference, there is an artist out there who can make the perfect piece of art for you.

Donate to Those in Need

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After the loss of your dog, it can be painful to have their favorite toys, blanket, or bed around. These items can be a constant reminder of your loss. However, instead of throwing them out, you may consider donating them to animal rescues and shelters.

Offering a loving hand to dogs in need can be a magnificent way to honor your pet’s memory. Most shelters always welcome donations, so just picture the excitement as the pups get to play with all thosewell-loved toys. Furthermore, interacting with some of the awesome four-legged friends at a shelter can be a very healing experience, too. You might even consider fostering a dog!

Hang Art in Your Home

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When we lose our furry friends, we miss seeing their excited faces when we walk into a room. Even though a painting isn’t the same as the real thing, having a visual of our darling dog can help lessen the pain. There are many amazing pet artists who specialize in painting dogs.

People who yearn for a more permanent token may want to consider getting a tattoo of their dog. Numerous tattoo artists understand the connection we have with man’s best friend, and as such, they will be delighted to design an awe-inspiring tattoo for you.

Repurpose Your Dog’s Water Bowl or Collar

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Our dogs spend their lives drinking from their water bowls and wearing their collars. What better way to honor their memory than by having one of these pieces changed into something that can be displayed in your home? Many owners use their precious dog’s water bowl as a plant pot.

Another option is transforming your dog’s collar into something that is useful and meaningful. These days, it is not uncommon for pet owners to have their pet’s collar made into a bracelet or a keychain. It is also possible to have your dog’s pet ID set into a decorative piece for your home. It is a very heartwarming way to be reminded of the impact that a man’s best friend had on your life.

There Are Many Ways to Honor Your Dog

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Having a dog in your life is a priceless delight. They are called man’s best friends, after all. As sad as it is when we lose our fluffy partners, there are ways to keep memories of them fresh. Whether it is a special ceremony with friends and family or getting a piece of unique artwork, our dearly departed dogs remain in our hearts.

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