Diving Deep: Shark Facts Every Kid Should Know

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Oct 9, 2023byNikita Hillier
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Often, when people think of sharks, they think of dangerous predators with an intense drive to harm people. There are thousands of movies out there where sharks are depicted as blood-hungry creatures who hunt 24/7. However, these beautiful creatures that have been around for a long time are much more than what the movies show.

In fact, sharks tend to live very slow, quiet lives. Sharks are actually very docile animals who play a key role in keeping our ocean clean and healthy. Keep reading for some cool shark information!

All About Sharks

tiger shark swimming in clear water
Image Credit: Gerald Schömbs on Unsplash

Sharks are very cool creatures that live in the ocean. They can grow to massive lengths and even bigger weights. Funnily enough, their skeletons are made from cartilage as opposed to bone which is a fact that baffles many people!

While most fish only have one gill on the side of their heads, sharks can have up to seven! It is believed that sharks have been on our earth for around 400 million years, which means they are even older than dinosaurs. However, 400 million years ago, they probably looked a little different than they do today!

Nowadays, there are around 1,000 types of sharks. Every year, even more species are found. Realistically, no one truly knows just how many species may exist in our oceans. Sharks are actually very docile creatures who don’t need to be feared the way they are.

Sure, you need to be respectful of their environment and be aware of them, but fear really isn’t necessary. Without sharks, our ocean would look a lot different than it does today, and not for the better! Sharks are much like dolphins in the way they keep the ocean clean and support life.

Different Shark Species

great white shark swimming with fish
Image Credit: Gerald Schömbs on Unsplash

In the ocean, there are many, many different types of sharks. Below are just a few of these sharks:

•Great White Shark: The most feared shark in the ocean.

•Whale Shark: The biggest shark and fish species in the world.

•Shortfin Mako Shark: The fastest shark species in the ocean.

•Bull Shark: The most aggressive shark in the ocean.

•Oceanic White Tip Shark: Lives in subtropical and tropical waters.

•Nurse Shark: Nocturnal sharks living on the ocean floor.

•Hammerhead Shark: Named after the shape of their head resembling a tool.

•Blue Shark: Named after their distinct blue and gray color.

•Black Tip Reef Shark: Identifiable by their black-tipped coloring.

•MegaMouth Shark: This very rare shark was discovered back in 1976 with limited sightings


•Lemon Shark: Found in shallow waters.

•Sand Tiger Shark: Found in shallow waters.

•Brown Banded Bamboo Shark: Found in shallow waters.

Shark Behaviors

three sharks swimming deep water
Image Credit: PIRO4D on Pixabay

Shark behavior will be different in every single species. As an example of this, lemon sharks like to be in groups and are highly sociable creatures, whereas white sharks are much more solitary and prefer to spend their time alone. However, some things translate through species.

Sharks eat small invertebrates and types of small fish that may swim by. Larger shark species may eat sea lions, seals, and other marine animals that don’t have a great defense. Sharks very rarely attack or eat humans.

When this occurs, it is likely because the shark has confused the human for a seal based on their swimsuit. This is why it is recommended to wear bright colors when swimming in the ocean. The only sharks known to attack people strictly out of drive are bull sharks.

A lot of shark behavior has been observed via shark tracking.

10 Shark Facts for Kids

close up hammerhead shark deep water
Image Credit: Jonas Allert on Unsplash

Now, let’s take a look at some interesting shark facts for kids!

1.Sharks almost have a sixth sense that allows them to sense electricity. This allows them to sense prey that is hidden under mud or sand.

2.Shark skeletons are made from cartilage instead of bone which is what our noses and ears are made from.

3.Some sharks have been known to live for over 400 years, such as the Greenland Shark.

4.While sharks look smooth, their skin is actually very similar to sandpaper as it is covered in tiny little teeth known as dermal denticles.

5.Sharks are even older than trees due to being around for over 400 million years.

6.Some species, like the Great White Shark, can have over 30,000 teeth in their lifetime due to their teeth being replaced in only a day when lost.

7.There are thousands of species of sharks all over the world.

8.The fastest shark in the ocean is the ShortFin Mako Shark. They can reach high speeds of up to 46 mph, which means they can even hunt swordfish, a fish known for their speed.

9.The smallest shark in the world is the Dwarf Lantern Shark which is even smaller than a human hand.

10.The biggest shark in the world is the Whale Shark which grows up to 33 feet in length.

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