5 Enriching Activities to Try with Your Bearded Dragon

Learn about some fun and enriching activities that you can try with your bearded dragon to keep them stimulated and happy.

Jul 27, 2023By Tamara Bray
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While bearded dragons are not as cuddly as pet dogs, they still do enjoy spending time with their owners and having fun. A well-stimulated bearded dragon is a happy dragon. Spending time with them and doing fun things together will keep them stress-free and help strengthen and bond your relationship.

Here are some of our recommended activities that you can try with your bearded dragon.

5. Let Your Bearded Dragon Go Exploring Outside

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Bearded dragons are cold-blooded reptiles and do enjoy spending their time relaxing under their basking light. Take them out of their tank and let them explore the grass in your garden or wherever you are outside, as they are naturally curious animals. Keep a close eye on them in case of larger animals like eagles, as there is a chance they can be snatched!

It is important that you make sure that your Bearded dragon gets enough vitamin D, and letting them explore the outdoors in the sun is a great way to do so. While outside, you may even find that your beardie is up for a ball game.

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Yes, you read that correctly! Bearded dragons are known to play with small balls. While they can’t actually kick the ball, they can push and chase them around. Just don’t expect them to become the next Christiano Ronaldo!

While bearded dragons are cold-blooded, they do need to take a break from too much sunlight. Make sure there are some shady or cool places for them to cool off while outside.

4. Create a Fun Obstacle Course

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Bearded dragons love climbing and exploring, which is why you should consider building an obstacle course for them.

Build the obstacle course with objects you already have at home, like old toilet paper rolls, boxes, or rope that can be used as tunnels. You can also build towers for them to climb. You can use anything as long as it is not sharp enough or too slippery, as this may harm them.

Set up the obstacle course in places like your living area, your garden, and even in water. Just make sure that there is nothing harmful in the reach of your bearded dragon. Other animals like dogs and cats should not be allowed in the area in case they make your bearded dragon feel stressed.

If you want, you can buy toys like hammocks or ropes that are designed for lizards and can be placed inside their tanks. If you’re a cat owner, you can even use cat-scratching posts and towers as fun obstacles. If you have kids, this can be a great activity for them to try with a bearded dragon.

3. Take Them for a Walk

bearded dragon wearing harness
Harness Design by Carolina Designer

If you’re looking for something fun and different, take your bearded dragon outside for a walk.

As odd as this may look to many, it is becoming a very common thing to see people taking their lizards on walks. In fact, more and more people are getting exotic animals as pets. Did you know that you can get specially-made leashes and harnesses for bearded dragons?

When you first take your beardie for a walk, it is important not to force them to walk in a harness or leash if they’re not happy. If they’re showing stress signs like an open mouth or hissing, this is an indicator that they are not happy.

When you’re taking your bearded dragon for a walk, you need to make sure that you are avoiding areas with lots of noise, as this can stress them out. This means avoiding the local dog park, or playground, as these places are typically very noisy!

While out on your walk, you should always keep your bearded dragons on a leash for their safety.

2. Take Them for a Swim or Bath

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Have you ever noticed your bearded dragon spending a lot of time just sitting in its water bowl or drinking lots of water? This is a good indication that your bearded dragon will enjoy swimming or taking a bath.

Taking your bearded dragon swimming is super fun for them and can be safe as long as you make sure the water temperature is controlled and safe, and you are watching your bearded dragon at all times.

We recommend taking your bearded dragon swimming in a bathtub or a container used only for them. Make sure that the water is lukewarm, around 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and not too deep. Anything colder will cause respiratory infections, and water that is too hot can burn their skin.

As tempting as it may be, it is not safe to let your bearded dragon swim in pools because of the chlorine. Also, they should not swim in the ocean because of how salty the water is.

Many bearded dragon owners will put pool toys like floats for their bearded dragon to take a rest on and play on. You can even create a fun obstacle course for them in water using pool floaties.

1. Watch TV Together

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Spend some quality time with your bearded dragon by watching TV together. This is a favorite amongst bearded dragon owners. While they may not know what’s going on in your favorite series, they will enjoy spending time with you.

Your bearded dragon will enjoy snuggling on your lap or sitting perched on your shoulder while you watch TV. While doing this activity, it is recommended that you keep the volume down to a lower level and avoid watching shows with excessive flashing.

You don’t even need to watch TV, just sit, and relax together!

Tamara Bray
By Tamara Bray

Tamara is an animal lover from South Africa with years of experience researching and writing about reptiles of all sizes. She has three dogs, Lulu, Ciri, and Rafiki, all from a rescue organization. In her spare time, Tamara likes to go on trail walks and often has her nose buried in a book.