The 5 Friendliest Cat Breeds

You might be surprised to learn that some cats enjoy loving attention. From the Ragdoll to the hairless Sphynx, these are some of the friendliest cat breeds.

Mar 20, 2023By Katie Wickliff
the most affectionate cat breeds

While cats aren’t generally known for their congeniality, some love receiving, and giving attention and affection. Certain cat breeds vocalize their affection through purrs, trills, and mews. Other cats will sit contently in their owner’s lap or follow them from room to room. Some cats enjoy bonding with their people through games, even learning to fetch! Increase the chances you’ll end up with a cuddly cat by choosing one of the top five friendliest cat breeds.

5. Siamese

siamese cat outside

Breed Characteristics

Adult Height:8-10 inches
Adult Weight:6-14 pounds
Coat:short, glossy
Life Expectancy:15-20 years
Temperament:vivacious, affectionate, vocal

The elegant Siamese cat is outgoing, social, and loves to be the center of attention. They adore their people and will be your constant shadow, so don’t expect to go to the bathroom alone! The Siamese is also vocal, using purrs, trills, and chirps to express their affection.

They love to cuddle, and often rub their cheeks against their owner’s face. They’ll also weave and twirl their tails around their owner’s legs. Most Siamese cats associate brushing with affection, so they’re easy to groom. The Siamese needs an owner who is equally as devoted; this breed can get anxious and depressed if left alone for too long.

4. Sphynx

sphynx cat on bed

Breed Characteristics

Adult Height:8-10 inches
Adult Weight:6-13 pounds
Coat:hairless, slight “peach fuzz”
Life Expectancy:10-15 years
Temperament:affectionate, outgoing, attention-seeking

The hairless Sphynx might not be on the top of your list for a cuddly companion, but this unique breed is extremely affectionate. They love to snuggle in a warm lap or under the covers, and they genuinely enjoy meeting new people.

The Sphynx is highly intelligent and not afraid to demand attention through their antics. Sphynx cats are very playful and love games of chase, so break out the laser pointer! These curious cats also can learn to open cabinets or small doors with their long, dexterous toes. When they’re done entertaining and exploring, however, they’re certain to jump back into your arms for a snuggle.

3. Maine Coon

maine coon on grass

Breed Characteristics

Adult Height:10-16 inches
Adult Weight:10-20 pounds
Coat:long; thick fur on legs and stomach
Life Expectancy:13-14 years
Temperament:sociable, quiet, playful

The Maine Coon is a large, long-haired cat who loves being part of a family. Although they are not usually lap cats, the Maine Coon loves quietly following their family from room to room. Even though they’d prefer to rest beside you rather than on top of you, the Maine Coon is very tolerant as far as being picked up and carried.

Maine Coons are truly gentle giants, but also very playful. In fact, this cat breed is known for its kitten-like playfulness, and this, well into adulthood. Unlike most cats, Maine Coons also love to play in the water! Because of their patient, gentle nature, Maine Coons do well in homes with children and other pets.

2. Ragdoll

ragdoll cat blue eyes

Breed Characteristics

Adult Height:9-11 inches
Adult Weight:9-19 pounds
Coat:long, silky, dense
Life Expectancy:13-18 years
Temperament:easygoing, patient, loving

The Ragdoll is a gorgeous cat, with a fluffy coat and blue eyes that often stare lovingly at their owners. These friendly cats are great for first-time owners because of their agreeable, relaxed nature. Ragdolls are very intelligent, and many love games of fetch.

While a Ragdoll craves human attention, they are quiet and rarely demanding. They can be left alone during the day, but don’t be surprised to find them waiting at the door for you when you return! This breed is very trusting and will often approach new people and animals with friendly interest, so they should only be let outdoors under careful supervision. Luckily, a Ragdoll is also quite content as an indoor cat.

1. Scottish Fold

scottish fold cat

Breed Characteristics

Adult Height:8-10 inches
Adult Weight:6-13 pounds
Coat:short, dense
Life Expectancy:13-15 years
Temperament:inquisitive, adaptable, affectionate

With their uniquely “folded” ears and yellowish-gold eyes, the Scottish Fold cat somewhat resembles an adorable owl. The ears are a result of a genetic mutation, which has caused some debate over whether breeders should continue producing these cats. However, the Scottish Fold has qualities that make it an irresistible family pet—they are curious, cuddly, and extremely tolerant of children. They aren’t the most energetic breed, but they love human interaction. The Scottish Fold has a sweet, and mellow disposition and isn’t bothered by much. They also tend to sit like humans in a posture lovingly known as “The Buddha Sit”

Katie Wickliff
By Katie Wickliff

Katie is a Colorado-based writer, educator, and animal lover who firmly believes life is better with a pet by your side. She currently shares her home with various creatures. In her free time, Katie loves to explore the mountains with her family and their Rough Collie, Story.