5 Really Colorful Pet Fish Species

Having colorful pet fish in your aquarium will add a bit of a tropical flair and lift your mood, here are 5 really colorful pet fish species.

Jan 8, 2024By Holly Ramsey
really colorful pet fish species

Pet fish may seem boring to some, but for fish enthusiasts, having an aquarium full of different species makes them smile. Keep reading to find out which colorful pet fish will make an aquarium eye-catching.

German Blue Ram

german blue ram fish
Image credit: https://www.aquariadise.com/

The Mikrogeophagus ramirezi, commonly known as the German Blue Ram, is a freshwater fish with an electric blue body. The yellow accents are usually seen on the head and neck of the fish. They also have a silver or gold underbelly.

These South American fish are peaceful but can be aggressive when protecting their eggs or when living in an aquarium that is too small. They do need warmer water, between 78 and 86 degrees. Make sure your aquarium has plenty of hiding spots for these vibrant fish.


blue guppie
Image source: Pinterest

Also, native to South America, Poecilia reticulata, or guppies, are one of the most popular freshwater fish that add a splash of color to any aquarium. These are perfect tropical fish for those just starting their aquarium, they are considered minimal-effort fish and make fantastic pets.

Guppies come in a variety of eye-popping colors that will add a splash of color to your aquarium. Look for them in red, yellow, or blue. They can also be a mix of colors making them extremely colorful; they are sometimes rainbow fish.

The dragon mosaic guppies are some of the most colorful guppies. They can be found in different hues of orange, red, violet, yellow, and blue. The blue Moscow guppies have a metallic sheen and electric blue color while the blue-variegated delta guppies have orange-red fins, blue and orange patches, and gradient blue scales on their sides.

Betta Fish

pink purple betta fish
Image credit: https://theawesomedaily.com/

Hailing from Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand, Betta splendens, or betta fish, have spectacular colors. They are part of the anabantid family and are labyrinth fish, meaning they have a lung-like labyrinth organ that allows them to breathe air. They can survive in smaller environments for this reason. Be sure to read how to properly care for your new betta fish.

Betta fish can thrive in freshwater areas that are shallow such as marches, streams, rice paddies, and ponds. Their home aquariums do need to have low-current filters, soft plants, and plenty of hiding places. A lid should also be used since this species likes to jump.

Betta fish have flared fins in almost every imaginable color. The most common colors seen in betta fish are turquoise, pink, purple, yellow, black, and orange. The rainbow betta fish is one of the best fish to add to an aquarium to liven things up. A rather odd-looking betta is the dumbo ear betta, often found in cobalt blue with huge pectoral fins resembling elephant ears.

Boesemani Rainbowfish

boesemani rainbowfish
Image credit: https://www.nilufar.com.my/

There is no doubt the Melanotaenia boesemani, or Boesemani Rainbowfish has a stunning array of colors that will brighten any aquarium. The main color of their bodies is usually yellow, blue, or orange, and then there are highlights of several other colors.

This rainbowfish originated in Indonesia in the Ajamaru Lakes in West Papua where the waters are very warm. In their natural habitat, they prefer lots of vegetation to hide in shallower waters. They thrive in alkaline water with a higher pH of eight or nine. Make sure your aquarium has plenty of space for them to swim without bumping into things but also has a lot of places they can hide.

The Boesemani Rainbowfish is an easy fish species to care for and you can easily start your aquarium with these fish and then build from there. Make sure they have lots of plants to hide in and clean, well-oxygenated water.

Threadfin Rainbowfish

threadfin rainbowfish
Image credit: Fish Laboratory

Iriatherina werneri, or Threadfin Rainbowfish, are brightly colored on their bodies that extend through their fins, making them one of the most vibrant rainbow fishes. Their scales are colored yellow, red, blue, and gray-green. The flowing, colorful fins will bring such fun and elegance to your aquarium.

Native to Australia and New Guinea, they are mainly found in densely vegetated, flowing water such as freshwater swamps. Their bodies can grow up to two inches in length with their fins making them look much bigger.

When you are adding any type of freshwater to your aquarium, make sure you optimize the tank’s habitat for your new additions. They will need aquatic plants and slow-moving, clean, and well-oxygenated water. Also, make sure your tank has a lot of open space for them to zoom around and hiding places when they need someplace quiet.

Pet fish have been found to help improve your mental health. Happy, colorful fish in a well-maintained aquarium will bring you much delight. Keeping your fish happy will also lift your spirits.

Holly Ramsey
By Holly Ramsey

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