5 Reasons To Get Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can be an invaluable resource for pet owners, here’s a look at why!

Jan 22, 2024By Lauren Rey
reasons to get pet insurance

Healthcare can be costly, whether it's for us humans or our pets. One of the best ways we can be financially prepared for our pet’s healthcare is with pet insurance. From saving you money on veterinary care to potentially saving your pet’s life, here are five good reasons to get pet insurance!

5. Accidents and Illnesses Happen

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Unfortunately, accidents and illnesses are a part of life — for both us humans and our pets. They can occur at any time and require immediate medical attention. From minor ailments like scratches and sprains to more serious injuries like broken bones or bleeding caused by hit-by-car accidents or falls. Sometimes our four-legged friends decide to help themselves to the trash can or end up coming into contact with outdoor hazards. Sadly, our pets are also susceptible to many forms of illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, respiratory illnesses, gastrointestinal disorders, cancer, and other conditions.

While prevention is always key in keeping our pets safe and healthy, pet insurance can help us be prepared for the unexpected. Just as we humans have health insurance options to help cover our medical bills, we may want to consider the same for our four-legged family members!

4. Pet Emergencies Can Be Costly

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It’s no secret that healthcare can be expensive, especially pet emergency care (which approximately one in three pets will need each year). However, what many people don’t realize is that emergency care for our pets can also be quite costly. In fact, many veterinary emergency rooms are open 24/7 and stocked with lifesaving equipment, medications, and specially-trained staff to treat emergency conditions — just like human emergency rooms!

While veterinary hospitals and human hospitals have many similarities, there’s a big difference when it comes to billing. Unlike human hospitals, veterinary hospitals have no special funding, grants, tax deductions, or Medicare-type programs that would allow them to run without payment upfront. Therefore, it is customary to pay for veterinary services as they are rendered. When it comes to an emergency visit, this can mean pet owners having to come up with large sums of money at once. While many veterinary hospitals do offer payment plans through third-party vendors such as Care Credit or Scratch Pay, this is where pet insurance has the potential to make a big difference in your final cost of care.

3. Pet Insurance Can Save You Money

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Having your pet insured is one of the best things you can do to not only safeguard their health but to safeguard your wallet as well! Pet insurance offers a financial safety net so that if your pet has an accident, emergency, or develops a chronic illness or health issue, you won’t have to dig into your savings account or run up credit cards to get them the care they need. Depending on the type of plan chosen, pet owners can save anywhere from 50% to 100% on their pet’s medical bills (after a deductible is met).

In addition to being a safety net for unforeseen circumstances, some pet insurance plans can also save you money on your pet’s wellness care (annual visits, vaccines, parasite prevention, etc.). Special perks and other ways to save on your pet’s care like free telehealth services, discounts on pet food and prescriptions, and even grooming services are also available with some plans.

2. There Are Pet Insurance Plato To Fit All Budgets

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Unlike human health insurance, in which our options are typically limited by our employer, pet insurance is an open market. Pet owners can choose from a wide variety of pet insurance plans including low-cost options that start as low as $10 to $15 a month. Pet owners also have options to adjust their monthly premiums, deductibles, and coverage to customize a plan to fit their budget.

While the exact cost will depend on many factors, including details about your pet, your location, and your chosen level of coverage, many pet owners find a pet insurance option that can be adjusted to fit their budget.

1. Pet Insurance May Help Save Your Pet’s Life

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While we never want to imagine our four-legged friends in a life-threatening situation, sadly, these situations do happen. When specialty care or lifesaving treatment is needed, pet insurance can make a world of difference. Costs associated with treating a life-threatening emergency case can quickly add up into the thousands. From emergency room visits and diagnostics to specialty care or surgeries that may be needed, pet insurance can mean the difference between being able to move forward with treatment or not.

In cases of chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, or cancer, pets may need long-term medications and frequent trips to specialists to manage their condition. Pet insurance can also be the deciding factor in whether or not a pet owner may be able to pursue treatment for these types of conditions.

Some pet insurance plans also cover wellness visits and preventative health screenings. These types of visits and screenings can also help catch potential problems early on — when they are typically more treatable. Overall, there are many ways in which pet insurance may help improve, and in some cases, even save our pets' lives!

Lauren Rey
By Lauren Rey

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