Top 10 Gift Ideas for Dogs & Their Owners

Mar 14, 2023By Lauren Rey

There’s no shortage of great dog products on the market today. Products that help keep our four-legged friends happy and healthy and make life easier for their owners. From special toys and treats to high-tech gadgets to keep Fido safe, and tools that make bathing and grooming a breeze. Here are the best gifts for dogs and their owners.

10. Dash Dog Treat Maker

dash dog treat maker

The Dash Dog Treat Maker lets your favorite human whip up quick, healthy, and delicious treats for their favorite canine in just minutes! Easy to follow recipes are included. Tails will be wagging, and mouths will be drooling over this compact, easy-to-use dog treat maker. Dash is also donating 5% of all proceeds from their dog treat makers to North Shore Animal League America which is a win-win for dogs everywhere!

9. Grooming Gloves

dog grooming gloves

Not all dogs like being brushed. Grooming gloves are an ingenious way to groom your dog and remove excess fur without a fuss. Two highly rated options include the Pet Mate Furbuster which is great for any coat and the Delomo DeShedding Gloves for longer hair and high-shed breeds. Grooming gloves can be used during baths to help lather and scrub or after for general brushing and coat maintenance. Dog owners will appreciate having less hair on their furniture and dogs will love the extra pets and belly rubs!

8. Furbo Treat Dispensing Dog Camera

furbo dog cam

The Furbo dog cam will give any owner peace of mind when they leave their pet alone. They can check in on their pup at any time and even talk to them and “toss” treats from the Furbo app. The Furbo cam also has safety features that will detect and alert in case of fire or glass breaking. Since its introduction in 2016, Furbo has been credited with saving thousands of dogs from fires, break-ins, and accidental injuries.

7. Mudbuster Paw Wash

mudbuster dog paw wash

Any dog owner will appreciate an easier way to clean their dog’s paws after walks and activities. The Mudbuster is a perfect gift. A quick dip of their paws into this special cup with silicone bristles inside (fill with water) will easily remove grass, dirt, and sand before it gets tracked into the house or car. This paw cleaning tool is a must-have for beach trips, park outings, and rainy days.

6. Dog Raincoat

dog raincoat

Rain or shine, dogs need to go out! Every dog needs a raincoat. It will keep them warm and dry and save their humans from the dreaded “wet dog smell”. Dog raincoats can be found in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to suit any dog. Some even come with dog rain boots!

5. Interactive Kong Toys

interactive dog toy kong

Interactive toys are a great way to provide both physical and mental enrichment for dogs. Toys like the Kong Rewards Wally and Kong Wobbler provide dogs with lasting entertainment as they work to get the treats or kibble out. Dog owners will love having something that will keep their pups busy and amused when they are not able to play with them. These toys also serve as a great slow-feed option for dogs that tend to eat too fast.

4. A Barkbox Subscription

bark box subscription

Monthly subscription boxes are all the rage right now and make great gifts. Barkbox has elevated the allure of these boxes into the pet space. Owners fill out a few details about their dog and every month their pup receives a specially curated box filled with toys, treats, and other goodies just for them! What dog wouldn't love that?

3. Aquapaw Dog Bathing Tool

aquapaw dog bathing tool

The Aquapaw makes a great gift for any dog owner by making bath time simpler for them and less stressful for their four-legged friend. This unique wearable dog bathing tool attaches to any hose or shower faucet and provides a gentler stream of water coupled with a soft silicone brush for lathering and rinsing. It turns on and off with the click of a button to save water and makes rinsing hard-to-reach areas much easier.

2. A Grounds & Hounds Gift Card

grounds and hounds

If you know someone who loves dogs and coffee, a Grounds and Hounds gift card is the perfect gift for them! Grounds and Hounds offers gourmet coffees, brewing accessories, mugs, apparel, and of course dog toys and accessories. Their motto is "Every Cup Helps A Pup"’ and they commit to that by donating 20% of their proceeds to rescue organizations across the US. Grounds and Hounds have already provided over 3 million meals, 18,000 toys, and medical care to shelter dogs through their partnerships with rescue organizations. Anything purchased from this one-of-a-kind company is a win-win for humans and dogs!

1. Fi Collar

fi collar

The Fi Collar is the ultimate in high-tech gear for dogs. This “smart” dog collar keeps track of your furry friend’s activity, sleep, and most importantly, their location. The Fi Collar is a must-have for dog owners who travel, hike, and camp with their pets. Fi also alerts you and will track your dog should they escape from home. The Fi Collar is waterproof, "adventure-proof", and has an extensive battery life.

Lauren Rey
By Lauren Rey

A lover of all animals, Lauren’s background is in the veterinary world, but she is now a content writer on travel, wildlife, and all things pets! She’s based in Florida, but when not writing, she’s usually plotting out a new road trip route with her partner-in-crime. Pickles is a mixed-breed rescue dog that loves hiking, road trips, and Starbucks just as much as her mom does!