10 Reasons Why Labradoodles Make Great Pets

Labradoodles dominate the neighborhood dog parks for a good reason. They make great pets!

Feb 8, 2023By Kelley McFarland
reasons why labradoodles make great pets

Take a walk around your neighborhood, and you’re bound to see a happy doodle out enjoying a walk with its owner. Breeders first mixed the popular Labrador with the famously hypoallergenic Poodle to create a new kind of service dog in 1955. However, it wasn’t until recently that the Labradoodle became the It Dog that everyone loves to love. Aside from their irresistible furry faces, let’s look at what makes Labradoodles such great pets.

10. Labradoodles are Low Shedders

shaggy doodle
Labradoodles are Low Shedders

Labs were first bred with Poodles to create a hypoallergenic dog for allergy sufferers. While it is impossible to guarantee that any dog won’t cause allergies, the Labradoodle has been a massive hit with animal lovers who prefer not to live with a constant cough and runny nose. The other huge benefit: Low shedding.

No one loves the daily vacuuming that is sometimes required to keep on top of dog shedding. Those tiny dog hairs get everywhere! Thanks to Poodle DNA, Labradoodles shed very little, if at all.

Your Labradoodle may have a fleece, wool, or hair coat depending on genetics, and will need to be groomed when they get shaggy. Grooming should be an expected expense when owning a Labradoodle, but the result of not having perpetual dog hair on your clothes, floor, and in your car is priceless.

9. Labradoodles Are Highly Intelligent

smart pup

Poodles and Labs are both known to be highly intelligent dogs. Mix them together and you get a super-smart mixed dog breed that’s ready to learn all kinds of new tricks. Labradoodles want nothing more than to please you, so they are ready and willing to learn everything from potty training to rolling over.

Their high intelligence and fluffy charismatic face make them the perfect option for service training or volunteering in the community. Having a task gives your Labradoodle that mental stimulation that keeps them busy and wears them out. Don’t be surprised to see a Labradoodle at your local library or hospital putting their training to good use.

8. Labradoodles Are Playful

Labradoodle with a stick
Black Labradoodle

Labradoodles consistently rank as one of the best dogs for families because of their naturally playful nature. Having your kids in charge of playing with your Labradoodle is a great way to spread out family responsibilities and wear out your kids and your doodle. Win-win!

Fetch is always an easy go-to game when your Labradoodle needs to get out some energy. For an inside game, try hiding toys and having them find them to add a bit of mental stimulation. Let them splash in a pool in the summer months or play in the sprinkler. They love to get wet!

7. Labradoodles Are the World’s Best Splooters

doodle sploot

Labradoodles love to stretch out their legs and flatten themselves on the floor. The result is the famous sploot. Bonus points when they do this on their back. Someone give that doodle a belly rub! Vets warn that Labradoodles who sploot in the sunshine may need an application of sunscreen to prevent the dreaded belly burn, so keep an eye on your sun-loving doggie.

6. Labradoodles Are Healthy

white doodle

Labradoodles are generally a healthy mixed-breed dog. They can be a breed genetically proneto hipdysplasia or eye problems, but ethical breeding practices can lower your dog’s chances of developing these problems. While the cost upfront for a Labradoodle can be pricey, limited vet visits can save you money in the long run. Be sure to find a reputable breeder who can provide health tests for its dogs.

5. Labradoodles Are Active

running doodle

Your Labradoodle is happy to be your new walking buddy. Daily walks provide excellent exercise for your pup and allows them to sniff out all their favorite spots in the neighborhood.

Labradoodles need 30-60 minutes of daily activity as a rule of thumb. This may be more when they are puppies and are extra energetic during the day. They'll find it elsewhere if you don’t provide them with that energy release. Pro tip: Keep your closet door closed if you don’t want your Labradoodle taking your shoes as a chew toy.

4. Labradoodles Come in All Sizes

small doodle

Labradoodles come in all sizes to suit anyone’s needs. While they all start out as furry little fluff balls, a Standard Labradoodle can weigh in at a whopping 80 pounds once fully grown. Comparatively, a Mini Labradoodle will weigh less than 30 pounds, perfect for a smaller home or apartment living. Even a Standard Labradoodle will consider itself a lap dog, so make room on the couch for your new snuggle buddy.

3. Labradoodles Are Loyal

doodle window

Once they are a part of the family, Labradoodles are fiercely loyal dogs who would love to spend the day as your new sidekick. Their protective nature does lead to their classification as medium-level barkers who will let you know when a person walks by the front window, or a delivery truck stops at your house. They aren’t aggressive though and will make fast friends with anyone who stops by for a visit.

2. Labradoodles Are So Darn Cute

puppy doodle

Labradoodles are irresistible. Their fluffy faces and intelligent eyes draw you in at first sight. What’s not to love? Take Mr. Reagan for example, a two-year-old Australian Labradoodle that's become an internet sensation. His owners have a whopping 60,000 Instagram followers!

Labradoodles are almost always included on lists of cutest dog breeds, and looking at the picture above, one can understand why.

1. Labradoodles Are Affectionate Companions

doodle love

Labradoodles want nothing more than to be given love and attention and to give back to you. They will be there to celebrate life’s biggest moments and comfort you through struggles. Labradoodles not only make great pets but cherished members of the family.

Kelley McFarland
By Kelley McFarland

Kelley is a life-long animal lover who has experience caring for goats, alpacas, chickens, and dogs on a 3-acre hobby farm. Since moving to the Dallas suburbs, she enjoys exploring the neighborhood with Finn and Cody, her chocolate Labradoodle and spunky Boston Terrier Pug.