Which Farmyard Animals Make the Best Companions?

Looking to expand your menagerie? Bored of regular animals? Check out this list of cool farmyard companions that will make your farm feel like home!

Sep 19, 2023By Nikita Hillier
which farmyard animals make best companions

When you’ve tried out all the regular companion options such as cats and dogs, you may start to wonder what other animals might be good companions. This is when farmyard animals come into the pictures. Animals that were once seen as a means to eat are now becoming very popular as alternative companion options.

It is easy to see why. After all, most of these animals are fluffy, super cute, and have a great personality to match! If you’re looking for your next farmyard companion, read below!

5. Turkeys

black turkey showing off feathers
Image Credit: Tyler Donaghy on Unsplash

A farm isn’t complete without a super cool big bird! Turkeys are great companions on farms. Not only are they great to hang out with, but they can also ward off snakes and other predators in order to protect the other animals on the farm.

It is also important to remember that you’re better off buying female turkeys if you’re looking for companions. Once male turkeys reach sexual maturity, they tend to become unruly and can even cause injuries to owners. They will try to be dominant over humans sometimes which can end in injury and disaster when they inevitably attack.

If you do end up with male turkeys, they do become a good source of meat later if you’re considering butchering your own animals. While many people say that turkeys are dumb animals, they are actually very fun animals with huge personalities.

This is perhaps what makes them so funny and enjoyable to watch. If you’re looking for an enjoyable and funny pet, turkeys are the way to go!

4. Chickens

five isa browns in pen
Image Credit: Ben Moreland on Unsplash

Chickens are an incredible pet for anyone. They are particularly excellent for children as they are very interactive pets. Both the chicks and grown chickens can be picked up and cuddled making them the ideal companions.

As long as you get them used to being picked up and cuddled early on, they will make excellent future companions. When raised from an egg, chickens become far more sociable. In fact, when raised from an egg, they also make far better companions as they will recognize their owners from birth.

From then on, when your chickens see you, they will come running up to you in order to greet you. Chicks can even be trained due to how friendly and smart they are. Some chickens have even been taught to do interesting tricks like play the piano!

Just make sure your chickens have adequate outdoor space!

3. Pigs

white piglet eating hay
Image Credit: Christopher Carson on Unsplash

If you’re wanting to buy a young animal, piglets are some of the cutest baby animals you can find. However, maybe buying a piglet isn’t the best thing if you’re not a fan of loud sounds. After all, when you pick up a piglet, the sound they emit is certainly not cute.

They can squeal until the cows come home! Though, if you can make it through the noise and handle any stress or unhappiness they exhibit, you will have yourself a loyal little companion. On pig farms, pigs are often called stupid, ugly, and other unkind names.

However, pigs are actually very smart. Many farm animals exhibit intense emotions when they’re allowed to live in a quiet, calm, and safe environment. This includes pigs.

Pigs are also extremely easy to keep. All they need is a safe and secure pen, shelter, clean water, and some good food. It’s a good idea to remember that pigs are social animals. This makes it super easy for them to quickly become kind companions who enjoy having their bellies scratched.

2. Miniature Donkeys

miniature donkeys in field
Image Credit: JACLOU-DL on Pixabay

Donkeys are very fun little animals. Shrink them down and make them miniature and you have the coolest and cutest companions in the world. Donkeys love being cared for and fussed over.

They love treats and just about anything that involves them being the center of attention. Donkeys are also very talkative animals and will call out to you no matter how far away you may be. If you’re looking for quiet animals, don’t buy a donkey.

You will eventually learn to love these animals no matter how loud they are. They are definitely worth the extra noise on the farm.

1. Goats

colored goats running together
Image Credit: Alexas_Fotos on Unsplash

Goats are the number one pet right now. They are quickly growing in popularity. People everywhere can’t get enough of these cute, fluffy, and loving little animals.

Goats have always been considered the clowns of the farm. They are always jumping, running, and creating as much chaos as possible. Better yet, no matter how old they get, their behavior is still just as witty and disastrous.

The bottom line is that goats absolutely rule. They are super fun to watch, play with, and just hang around with. Just expect them to run, play, and jump on everything you own!

Nikita Hillier
By Nikita Hillier

Nikita is a huge animal lover who has grown up on a farm with many different animals, from dogs and cats to horses and cows! She has a lot of experience in the equine industry and is even in the process of studying for an internationally accredited Equine Sports Massage Certificate! In her spare time, she enjoys writing and spending time with her beloved animals!