Why You Should Adopt an Older Cat

It’s natural to be tempted by the adorable little furball of a new kitten when you’re thinking about adding a new pet to your family. But consider an older cat.

Jun 16, 2023By Kelley McFarland
why you should adopt older cat

Kittens are cute, but older cats are where it’s at. There are so many benefits that a mature feline can bring to your household. Plus, a kitten only stays small for so long. You might as well jump to the good stuff!

Here’s why you should adopt an older cat.

You’ll Save a Life

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Animal shelters are overflowing with pets that need loving homes. Each year, over 500,000 cats are euthanized due to overcrowding. The majority of those euthanized are older cats due to the simple fact that most cat adoptees are cute baby kittens.

When you adopt an older cat, you are saving a life. You will be directly helping to alleviate a nationwide cat overpopulation problem by giving an older cat a loving and responsible home. Your older cat will be grateful that you rescued her and will be your faithful companion for the rest of her days.

You’ll feel good about your choice, and your cat will be thrilled to have scored an owner as generous and thoughtful as you. Win-win!

Older Cats are Inherently Wiser and Easier

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Adopting an older cat means skipping the crazy kitten phase altogether. Cats of any age can exhibit questionable behaviors, but you’ll get to bypass the frustrating early training days with a mature cat.

Chances are, your older cat will be passed the biting, clawing, crazy cat anxiety rebellion phase and will prefer a more mellow home environment. She’ll get to chill on a cozy cat bed, and you’ll enjoy her company so much more when you don’t have a feisty kitten tearing up your house.

Most older cats will be litter trained already. If not, it shouldn’t be hard for them to get the hang of it. Check with your vet to rule out any health concerns if they are eliminating outside the box.

You Can Ensure a Good Match

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When you’re adopting an older cat, her personality is already established. The foster home or shelter you adopt from can guide you to the very best cat to match your unique lifestyle. With so many cats available for adoption, there’s a cat for almost every situation imaginable.

You have a much better idea of what you’re getting with an older cat. You’ll know if a cat prefers to be an only pet or likes company. Do you have kids? You can find eh perfect older cat who will love to play and cozy up with your entire family.

Less Supervision Required

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The days of Covid adoptions are behind us, and many pets find themselves alone at home more than in our socially distanced past. An older cat is more likely to fair better on her own than a needy kitten.

It’s not advisable to leave your furry friend at home for days at a time, but she will be fine on her own when you’re at work or out for a night with friends. Give her the attention she needs when you’re available, and an older cat will usually appreciate the time to herself to live her best cat life.

When you’re out of the house, she might just live out the plot of The Secret Life of Pets. If you’re curious about what your cat is up to or just want to peep on her when you’re not there, consider setting up a pet camera. Your options range from a simple one-way security camera to an advanced option that allows you to hear and talk to your cat when you’re out to dinner. You can even purchase one that dispenses treats when activated.

Your Wallet Will Thank You


To entice prospective cat owners to go for the older cat over a kitten, many animal shelters and cat adoption organizations reduce or even waive the adoption fees when you decide to take home an older cat. Save your pennies while you’re saving a life!

On top of lower fees, older cats are usually spaded or neutered and have already had the bulk of their necessary vaccinations. They will have had a health assessment, so you’ll know of any current medical concerns they are currently experiencing.

You’ll get to spend money on fun things like cozy pet beds, toys, or delightful cat towers instead of necessary fees and medical bills.

Time With an Older Cat is Cherished

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Look, there’s no way to sugarcoat it. Adopting an older cat means that your new buddy has already lived much of her life. The time you spend with her is limited and precious. You can choose to see this is a negative, or you can embrace this opportunity as a way to help her live out the rest of her days in peace and surrounded by love. What a fantastic gift to give to another living being.

Adopting an older cat can change your entire life philosophy. For cats and humans, the glory days are not reserved for the young. There is always time to change, to have an adventure, or to connect with someone in a new way. Adopt an older cat and see what happens. Maybe her wise ways will teach you something new.

Kelley McFarland
By Kelley McFarland

Kelley is a life-long animal lover who has experience caring for goats, alpacas, chickens, and dogs on a 3-acre hobby farm. Since moving to the Dallas suburbs, she enjoys exploring the neighborhood with Finn and Cody, her chocolate Labradoodle and spunky Boston Terrier Pug.