Can Cows Make Good Pets?

Cows seem pretty cute and cuddly, right? But do these cloven-hooved, fluffy creatures actually make good pets? Find out more below!

Sep 25, 2023By Nikita Hillier
can cows make good pets

Gone are the days when cattle were seen as a means to eat and a way to keep the paddocks eaten down. Nowadays, cattle are proving that they can actually be kind, loyal, and loving companions for people, just like horses have been for centuries!

In fact, cows can even be better companions than dogs and cats! With their kind natures, loyalty, and cuteness galore, cows are quickly becoming a favorite amongst those looking for pets to spend their time with. Find out why cows make great pets below!

What Makes Cows Good Pets?

cute brown cow in field
Image Credit: Pixabay

There has long been a narrative that cows are only good for what they can offer as livestock. They’ve been known for their milk, their meat, their hides, and being able to graze down stubborn grass, weeds, and scrub. However, nowadays, cows are seen as cute, fluffy, and loving companions who bring plenty of love and light to their owners’ lives.

People all over the world are beginning to realize how loyal and loving cows can be as pets. When you think about cows, your first thought probably isn’t anything close to them being pets, but as time goes by, people are realizing they make excellent companions. In fact, cows are very intelligent animals with excellent memories.

Can You Train Cows?

cows pulling carts street
Image Credit: Eky Rima Nurya Ganda on Pexels

While it may not be as simple as training your dog, you can most certainly train cows with time, patience, and consideration. As we noted above, cows are far more intelligent than humans ever give them credit for. In fact, cows have been used for many years to pull carts and work in fields, even by themselves at times!

Cows are also highly food motivated. This means that training them via trick training can harbor excellent results with little exertion. They also respond very well to clicker training.

When people are training cows to be ridden, to lay down, or to play at liberty, clicker training has been seen to bring excellent results. It is definitely the recommended way to teach your pet cow.

Some people have even been able to potty train cows like toddlers in order to reduce pollution!

Which Cows Breeds Make the Best Pets?

highland cow laying down field
Image Credit: FrankWinkler on Pixabay

When we say cows make good pets, we don’t mean all of them. Most of the time, you have to search for certain breeds to ensure that you are met with a good companion. The breeds below are commonly recommended as pets.

Scottish Highland

Highland cattle are the number one breed for companionship. They are incredibly loyal, kind-natured, docile, and as cute as can be. These guys are very low maintenance and adapt very well to different environments, making them the ideal companion.


Jersey cows are yet another breed of cattle that make excellent companions. Not only do Jersey cows produce creamy milk, but they are also kind, gentle, and very loving. Their excellent personalities make them easy to milk if that is something that interests you.

Milking your cow can be a very bonding experience for both cow and human.

Miniature Hereford

Miniature Herefords are very adaptive cattle that are easy to keep. If you only have a small amount of acreage, they make great pets as they don’t have the same requirements as full-sized cattle. They don’t need as much space or food, which is why they are popular on hobby farms.


These cows may be big, but their hearts are even bigger! For a long time now, these big, beautiful beasts have been a favorite for people looking for pets. This is because Holstein cattle have very easy-going, chilled-out, and gentle personalities.

If you’re considering a Holstein cow as a companion, just remember that these cows grow to be very large. This makes them unsuitable for small spaces as they require much more space, food, and water than other breeds that may be smaller.

Do Your Research

black and white dairy cow head
Image Credit: Jan Koetsier on Pexels

If you’re thinking about buying a cow as a companion, please make sure you do your research. It isn’t as easy as having a cow in your paddock and letting them eat the grass down. Just like cats and dogs, there are different breeds of cattle, all with different requirements.

They all have different needs, lifespans, and capabilities. You need to take into account the size of the cow you’re purchasing and how much food and water they need. While keeping a cow as a pet is very exciting, it is much harder than keeping a cat or dog.

They have huge personalities and plenty of love to give, but they need to be in an ideal environment to truly be the best companion pet they can be! If you’re still looking for a pet but think a cow might be too much, check out our blog “The 10 Most Popular Pets to Own”.

Nikita Hillier
By Nikita Hillier

Nikita is a huge animal lover who has grown up on a farm with many different animals, from dogs and cats to horses and cows! She has a lot of experience in the equine industry and is even in the process of studying for an internationally accredited Equine Sports Massage Certificate! In her spare time, she enjoys writing and spending time with her beloved animals!