Four-Legged Fashion: Dog Friendly Stylish Home Decor

Redecorating but worried about your dog? There are plenty of dog-friendly furnishings to make your furry friend feel right at home without sacrificing your style!

Oct 29, 2023By Lauren Rey
dog friendly stylish home décor

Shopping for furniture and home decor as a dog owner can feel like an exercise in futility! You may see many beautiful pieces you like but wonder how long they’ll stay that way once you bring them home.

Fortunately, many designers now make pet-friendly furniture and decor options that won’t make you sacrifice your style for your pet’s comfort. The latest pet-friendly fabrics and materials can easily stand up to dirty paws, sharp claws, drool, fur, and anything your dog throws at it (or throws up on it!).

Dog-Friendly Furniture

dog friendly furniture

There are many different dog-friendly options for couches, sofas, sectionals, chaise lounges, loveseats, and chairs. Now you can snuggle up with your pup on movie night with no worries about your couch. After all, dogs are family, and furniture should be made for all family members!

The pet-friendly collection of couches, loveseats, and chairs from Burrow feature non-porous, tight-weave fabrics that are fur, stain, and tear-resistant. They have a variety of colors to choose from and will even send you swatches ahead of time to test the durability of their fabrics.

The Joybird pet-friendly collection is a highly customizable set of sofas with several options of fabrics and a wide variety of styles and colors. Their stylish sofas are resilient, easy to clean, and deemed “kid and pet friendly”.

The chic space-saving chaise sectional from Allmodern is perfect for apartments and smaller spaces. It has a stain-resistant fabric that comes in 4 colors and holds up to pet scratches.

Dog-Friendly Rugs

dog friendly rug

For a long time, many households with dogs decided to forgo decorative rugs as they weren't easy to clean and held onto smells. Nowadays, there are more options of washable, dog-friendly rugs that can stand up to your pup’s paws and still look beautiful.

Known for being the most washable rug, Ruggable, is a unique customizable two-piece system. The bottom portion is a rubber mat that holds everything in place while the top rug portion is a thin, light, and machine washable cover. Ruggable comes in 10 different sizes and an endless selection of colors and patterns. With its ease of washing and variety of options, Ruggable is a favorite amongst dog owners.

All the rugs at ReaLife Rugs are dog-friendly! Made with recycled materials, these rugs will hold up to pet stains and never snag due to their flatweave design. They come in a variety of patterns and prints to accent any home.

Safavieh has a line of durable dog-friendly rugs that come in trendy florals, boho, distressed, and trellis patterns. Safavieh rugs are stain resistant and low pile making them a great decorative addition to homes with dogs.

Stylish Dog Beds

stylish dog bed

When your furry friend isn’t laying on your dog-friendly rug or lounging on your dog-friendly couch, they’ll need their own bed! With many unique options for dog beds, you can easily find one that fits in well with your decor.

One of the largest selections of dog beds in all shapes, sizes, and styles can be found at Furhaven. Some of their most popular beds include the sofa-style collection. Your dog can nap in style on their own mini couch. Furhaven dog beds are made with comfortable, supportive materials and come in many fun colors and patterns to coordinate with any decor.

The Best Friends Calming Donut is a unique donut-shaped dog bed that dogs find very comfortable. It’s covered in soft faux fur and comes in over a dozen colors to match any room.

For decor with tropical vibes, Pottery Barn’s Rattan Frame Pet Bed offers a little slice of paradise for your pooch. This stylish yet easy-to-clean dog bed has a sturdy rattan frame and comfortable cushion with a washable cover.

Decorative Dog Bowls

frisco decorative dog bowls bamboo

Mealtime doesn't have to be mundane when your dog has their own nice dishware. Just as stylish as they are functional, these dog bowl sets will accent any kitchen.

The Frisco Melamine Dog Bowl Set is a trendy, tropical-inspired option with an elevated bamboo stand.

You can personalize your pup’s bowls with their name, photo, and other embellishments through one of Etsy's custom dog bowl shops. Your dog will have a one-of-a-kind bowl tailored to look great in your kitchen.

For a unique look, the Furhaven Adjustable Bamboo Feeder has adorable dog-shaped cut-outs and adjustable heights to find the right fit for your furry friend.

Stylish Dog Crates

frisco furniture style dog crate

Crate training but don’t like the look of a big metal crate in your living room? Furniture-style dog crates are a new way to blend functionality and style into your dog’s space.

The Frisco Double Door Furniture Style Dog Crate offers your dog a safe and sturdy place of retreat while blending in with your other furniture. Its wood accents and double door design add a nicer touch than standard metal crates.

For smaller dogs and more portability, the KindTail Stylish Modern Dog Crate is a highly rated hit! This modern design with geometric cutouts and soothing colors like mint green and pastel pink will blend seamlessly into modern decor. It is also lightweight and collapsible for easy storage and travel.

Lauren Rey
By Lauren Rey

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