Most Famous Basenjis Throughout History

If you are someone who likes very smart, very energetic pups, then maybe the Basenji is a good option! We’re looking at some of the most famous ones.

Dec 8, 2023By Thalia Oosthuizen
meet some famous basenjis throughout history

There are so many dogs to choose from, so how do you know which one is the right one for you? Basenjis are so great that even royals and celebrities love them! In fact, Basenjis have a magical place in many people's lives. From the dazzling silver screens, captivating literature, and the homes of renowned celebrities, Basenjis have left their paw prints everywhere. So, get ready to fall in love with these dynamic pups as we explore their impact on our hearts and popular culture.

Basenjis Unleashed: Some Key Features of the Breed

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These African legends turned modern marvels are not your simple ordinary pups. Think of the Basenjis as the coolest dog breeds of the ancient world, rocking the dog world with their unique vibes. Maybe their biggest and most popular feature is the fact that they don’t bark! Imagine having a pet that doesn't bark but instead speaks a language only other Basenjis understand. Talk about exclusive club vibes!

These spitz breed canines have some stellar hunting skills as well, if that is something you are looking for in a four-legged friend! They're also mischievously charming. Their playful antics and endless energy can turn a quiet day into a comedy show. Who knew history, smarts, and a dash of mischief could create the paw-fect package?

Paws and Applause: Notable Basenjis Through History

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Let’s take a look at some of the most famous Basenjis of all time.

King Farouk of Egypt’s Four Basenjis

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Image Credit: Wakanda Legend

Picture this: 1947, a time when Egypt was still all about kings and queens, and King Farouk, the big cheese himself, decided he wanted a new pet. Not just one, not two, but four Basenjis! And who did he turn to? None other than the fabulous Veronica Tudor-Williams, one of the world’s leading and most ethical dog breeders.

Veronica and her trusty sidekick, Mirrie Cardew, each cradling a bundle of Basenji joy, arrived to Egypt in style. But here's the kicker – these Basenjis weren't just any canine travelers; they were royalty, complete with their own individual seats!

These Pharaoh pups arrived home in style! It's like a canine fairytale – from the land of the Pharaohs to a royal reception fit for a Pharaoh. Needless to say, they would have been stars in the Instagram dog world.

"Goodbye, My Lady": the Real Star

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Image Credit: IMDb

In 1955, Warner Brothers embarked on a cinematic adventure, bringing James Street's bestseller "Goodbye My Lady" to life. It is a tale about a lonely boy, a mysterious, non-barking stray, and a friendship that defies the ordinary.

And who steals the show? None other than a Basenji beauty named My Lady of the Congo, a Hollywood sensation.

But that's not all – when the cameras stopped rolling, Lady found her forever home with Brandon, the charming 13-year-old actor who played the lead role. Can you imagine the adventures they must have had?

Queen Mother of Romania Had a Basenji

Image Credit: Zoo Plus

Her Majesty Helen, the Queen Mother of Romania, with all her regal flair, decided she needed a royal companion. Enter the Royal Tan of the Congo, a Basenji with a lineage as impressive as a royal banquet.

Here's where it gets truly majestic. Royal Tan isn't just any Basenji; he's the offspring of the legendary Ch Painted Lady of the Congo, a famous Basenji in her own right. Talk about a wild family tree!

And if that isn't enough to make your tail wag, Ch Painted Lady of the Congo was also the mother of Ch Personality of the Congo. The latter pooch snagged the coveted title of Best of Breed at Crufts 1959.

Queen Juliana of the Netherlands Loves Basenjis

juliana holland and her dog
Image Credit: Brigitte Lloyd Ancestry

Queen Juliana of the Netherlands stepped into the very special kingdom of dog ownership in style! Her chosen furball? A Basenji, of course, and one of exquisite lineage, bred by none other than esteemed breeder Veronica Tudor-Williams.

Sara (that was her gorgeous pup's name!) became the only true ruler of the palace, as pups often do! The Queen and Sara's bond was the stuff of legends, proving that even queens can't resist the allure of these charming little furbabies.

It's a royal romance filled with wagging tails and royal paw prints! This relationship showed the world that in the Netherlands, even the Queen couldn't resist the charm of the Basenji!

Kelsey Grammer Has Two Basenjis

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Image Credit: Pet Helpful

Kelsey Grammer, the actor known for the iconic role of Frasier Crane, found his perfect co-stars offscreen! Who was it!? Well, no other than two Basenjis named Barkley and Biscuit. Barkley, the charming smooth-talker, and Biscuit, the mischievous troublemaker, quickly became the fur-bulous companions of this Hollywood icon.

Can you imagine Kelsey, the man of many characters, sharing his spotlight with these lovable furballs? Barkley, the sophisticated one, comes from a long line of Basenji nobility, while Biscuit, the quirky adventurer, boasts a lineage that's a blend of charm and mischief. Together, we are sure they've turned Kelsey's life into a comedy of wagging tails and playful antics.

Who needs a sitcom script when these two tail-wagging stars steal the show in real life? Kelsey Grammer's Basenjis prove that the best co-stars sometimes have four legs and a tail in the entertainment world!

Even Soap Opera Star Courtney Thorne-Smith Has One

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Image Credit: Brit Petfood

The beloved TV star, Courtney Thorne-Smith, also found her heart stolen by a pair of charming Basenjis: Dash and Foxy. Dash, the speedster of the Basenji world, is known for zooming around the house faster than you can say "fetch!"

And then there's Foxy, the sassy diva with a tail that wags to the rhythm of her own beat. Courtney, the actress with a knack for comedy, discovered that the real laughter in her life came from these quiet pooches.

These two pups quickly became the dynamic duo that stole the spotlight in Courtney's heart. Dash and Foxy, the comedic Basenji duo, turn every day into a sitcom episode!

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