7 Most Popular Types of Poodles

Whether teacup poodles or standard poodles, this breed consistently ranks in the world’s top 10 dog breeds. Let’s look at which types of poodles have made the cut.

May 11, 2024By Lisa Szymanski
most popular types of poodles

Poodles come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re one of the most sought-after breeds in the world. Some of them can be feisty, while others are smart and eager to learn, making them excellent family and companion pets. If you’re here because you’re interested in bringing a curly-haired dog home, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we take a closer look at the most popular types of poodles, from their size and appearance to their personalities. Let’s get started!

1. Tiny Teacup Poodles

teacup poodle on cream rug
Teacup poodles are cute but require special care because of their size.

Although a teacup poodle isn’t recognized as a standard breed by the AKC, they’re worth mentioning. Measuring less than 9 inches in height, they’re incredibly small but irresistibly cute. Also known as teacup toy poodles, these miniature dogs were bred from toy poodles that were carefully selected for their smaller-than-average size. The breed appeared in the 20th century, gaining attention for their appearance and ease of integration into the city. Their tiny size makes them ideal apartment dogs, but they still require playtime and exercise.

Before you decide to adopt a 4 lb teacup poodle, pay attention to their health. These dogs are prone to injuries, including knee problems. Exercise caution when looking for a teacup breed by carefully selecting breeders based on the prioritization of their dogs.

2. Toy Poodles

a golden toy poodle puppy on grass
Toy poodles are mischievous but devoted dogs.

Toy poodles measure around 10 inches and can weigh 6 lbs. They’re slightly bigger than a teacup but require extra care around other dogs to prevent injuries. The toy breed does well with a daily walk, but it’s a good idea to avoid rough play that could stress their tiny joints. In terms of personality, what they lack in size they make up for in character. A toy poodle is friendly and intelligent, which makes learning dog tricks a breeze.

These small poodles were bred in the early 1900s from miniature and standard poodles. Not only were they the choice of French aristocrats, but they were also bred as companions for city-goers. These little poodles love to follow you around but they can experience separation anxiety when you leave. If you want to prevent anxiety or keep them stimulated, introduce toys, including dog puzzles. These intelligent canines will spend hours playing and do very well with obedience training.

3. Miniature Poodles

miniature poodle wearing green waistcoat
Miniature poodles might be small but have tons of personality.

A mini poodle is about 15 inches in size, and they make great city dogs. They do well with families and older adults who are looking for a manageable and gentle companion. Miniature poodles are known to bark quite often and require basic or competitive obedience to prevent unwanted behaviors.

Both toy and miniature poodles come from England and were bred in the 1700s. Interestingly, these little poodles served in the military and were always performing circus acts. In France, they became outstanding hunters of truffles during the 18th century. Along with standard poodles, they make great service dogs, and their hypoallergenic coats mean they’re accessible to people with pet allergies.

4. Standard Poodles

brown and black standard poodles standing on lawn
The personality and playfulness of the standard poodle make them wonderful family dogs.

The most popular poodle of them all is the standard poodle. Known for their air and grace, these large dogs are easily recognized by their fashionable haircuts. The original poodle first appeared in Germany where they’d retrieve waterfowl. Their curly coat was meant to shed water quickly.

You might not know this, but standard poodles make good guard dogs. Their large size, alertness, and attachment to their families have led to their favorability as guard dogs and watchdogs. In a nutshell, standard poodles are very affectionate and playful. They need constant grooming to keep their coats neat and prevent matting. But if you can spare a visit to the local groomer, their curly hair will always be taken care of.

5. Parti Poodles

parti poodle on the beach
Parti poodles have a beautiful two-tone coat.

Most poodles are one color, whether that be white, brown, or black. But in the case of a parti poodle, they’re part white and part another shade which is how they got their name. You’ll find these poodles in white and brown, white, and black, or white and red. They include all-sized poodles, from toy to standard, and have all the characteristics of your solid-colored poodles.

Parti poodles are one of the most popular types because of their striking coat patterns. Many poodle lovers are intrigued by their patchwork, which dates to the 1600s. In fact, the earliest image of a parti poodle was a portrait created by Rembrandt, the famous Dutch painter, in the 1630s.

6. The Phantom Poodle

brown and black phantom poodle
A phantom poodle with colors similar to a Doberman.

Phantom poodles are considered exotic and consist of two or more colors, apart from white. These beautiful dogs have patches of color on their chests, above their eyes, around their snouts, and down their legs. You can find colors such as red and apricot or gray and cream, but the most desirable color is apricot and black, or Doberman markings.

Some would argue that phantoms seem to have more character than their solid-color cousins. These poodles were bred from standard and miniature types, so they come with the traits familiar to this breed. Their coloring is attributed to a recessive gene, which makes them less common and more expensive than other poodles.

7. Popular Poodle Mixes

a golden labradoodle with tongue out
Labradoodles are highly sought-after pets in the U.S. and Europe.

Whether a toy or a standard poodle, you’re sure to find the ideal fur friend, but what about a mixed breed? Poodle mixes have become popular dogs because people wish to combine the characteristics of their beloved curly-haired dogs with those of other loving breeds.

The Maltipoo is one of these mixes and includes a combination of the Maltese and miniature poodles known for their gentle and friendly nature. The labradoodle is another sought-after breed consisting of the labrador and the original poodle. Labradoodles are devoted to their families and are full of energy, so prepare for plenty of activities if that’s your breed of choice. But if you’re looking for a sweet and active companion, I hope you find the ideal poodle or poodle mix to join your family.

Lisa Szymanski
By Lisa Szymanski

Lisa is a wildlife enthusiast who enjoys hiking and gardening and has four years of experience volunteering at pet shelters. She is the proud mom of two dogs, a Pitbull named Ragnar, a Boerboel named Blueberry, and four feisty chickens, or as she calls them, the "queens of the yard," Goldie, Gray, Peaches, and Brownie.