10 Amazing Cats you Should be Following on Instagram

Need a little extra paws-itivity in your day? Here are 10 amazing Instagram cats you should follow!

Apr 23, 2024By Lauren Rey
amazing cats you should be following on instagram

Of all the different genres of content on social media, none are more universally loved than pet pages. Everyone is looking for something lighthearted and positive to follow. Cats have stolen the spotlight on Instagram recently with their witty antics and adorable faces. From adventure cats to rare traits and even a Guinness World Record holder, here are 10 amazing Instagram cats to follow for an instant mood boost!

1. Great Grams of Gary

great grams of gary

A quick scroll through Gary’s Instagram, @greatgramsofgary, will have you enamored with this little feline adventurer. He’s living his life to the fullest in the Canadian Rockies.

Gary is a domestic longhair rescue cat that is very comfortable in the outdoors. He accompanies his humans on hiking, paddling, skiing, and other adventures.

Known for his signature goggles and incredible backdrops, Gary is one of the coolest cats you’ll ever see! Give him a follow to brighten your feed.

2. Suki Cat

suki cat

Another amazing adventure cat living her best life is Suki! Suki is a sweet Bengal kitty traveling the world with her humans and documenting it all for her 1.9 million followers on Instagram.

From the looks of Suki’s Instagram feed, @sukiicat, she’s been to several countries all over the world with no signs of slowing down.

Suki’s vibrant blue eyes and rich gold and brown Bengal markings look stunning on the blue waters, snowy mountains, and green meadows she is often photographed in.

Give Suki a follow to admire this little living work of art!

3. Toasted Marshmallow Olaf

toasted marshmallow olaf

Meet Toasted Marshmallow Olaf. Cute name, even cuter cat! This pint-sized explorer goes on many adventures and even loves the water. Olaf is always sporting his signature glasses and some great KittyCatGO adventure gear for which he is an ambassador.

Follow Toasted Marshmallow Olaf’s Instagram, @toastedmarshmallowolaf, to see what he’s up to next!

4. Smudge Lord

smudge lord cat

Smudge, aka “table cat” or “salad cat”, became an instant celebrity when a photo of him looking quite dismayed at a dinner table went viral. The famous photo has since been memed many times over. Smudge now has 1.6 million followers and a ton of merchandise, including figurines commemorating his iconic photo.

For more hilarious meme-worthy photos, follow Smudge’s Instagram, @smudge_lord.

5. 1 Bike 1 World with Dean & Nala

1 bike 1world

Avid cyclist, Dean Nicholson, was 3 months and 9 countries into a world cycling trip when he found a tiny homeless kitten near the Bosnian border. Dean scooped her up and after a vet visit and a new name, Nala and Dean became inseparable!

Dean outfitted his bike so Nala could ride comfortably, and she enjoys all her newfound adventures with her dad. Dean and Nala have been to 30 countries so far and documented their incredible journey in a book, Nala’s World.

You can follow Dean and Nala’s continued adventures on their Instagram, @1bike1world .

6. Atchoum the Cat

atchoum the cat

This strapping young fellow is Atchoum! Atchoum is a Persian cat but has a rare disorder that causes his hair to overgrow. His groomer has her work cut out for her, but Atchoum makes it all worthwhile with his playful personality. Atchoum’s piercing amber eyes, wild hair, and impressive bow-tie collection made him an instant social media success.

Atchoum’s mom shares his charming antics on his Instagram page, @atchoumthecat. Give him a follow to brighten your day!

7. It’s Chicken & Waffle

chicken and waffle

It’s Chicken and Waffle are two adorable Sphynx brothers sharing their favorite things in life. Chicken and Waffle’s mom posts a lot of informative content on cat enrichment, training, safety, and the unique needs of Sphynx cats. You can find their favorite products for grooming and enrichment on their website.

Tune in for Chicken and Waffle’s tips and tricks for happier cats on their Instagram page, @itschickenandwaffle.

8. Venus the Two Face Cat

venus two face cat

Venus is one of the most famous and rare cats in the world and has even been reported on by the Smithsonian and National Geographic. Known for her unique appearance, Venus has near perfectly split coloration markings on her face, leading to the “two-face” nickname. One half is black with a green eye, and the other, orange with a blue eye. Her genetic makeup has been quite the fascination.

Venus has had a lot of fanfare over the years and is up to 2.2 million followers on social media. You can follow Venus on her Instagram page, @venustwofacecat, to get a look at this striking rare beauty.

9. Lieb Chen Travels

liebchen travel cat

Say hello to Liebchen, the lovable rescue kitty living it up in Aspen! Liebchen was adopted from a shelter as a kitten. His owners trained him to walk on a harness and slowly started introducing him to the outdoors. He is now a full-fledged adventure cat that loves to go hiking, skiing, and camping with his family.

You can keep up with Liebchen’s snowy adventures on his Instagram, @liebchen.travels.

10. Nala Cat

nala cat

Not only is Nala adorable, but she is also a Guinness World Record holder! She was awarded for being the most followed cat on Instagram. Nala has an impressive 4.4 million followers and uses her platform to shine a light on the importance of rescue! Nala’s mom adopted her from a shelter and encourages other potential pet owners to do the same.

You can learn more about Nala’s story through her book, Living Your Best Life According to Nala Cat, or follow this lovable little record breaker on her Instagram, @nala_cat!

Lauren Rey
By Lauren Rey

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