5 Reasons Why We Love the American Bully

A modern breed, the American Bully is a loyal, courageous, and gentle dog and the perfect companion!

Jul 31, 2023By Amy Brannan
reasons we love the american bully

Regularly mistaken for every type of bully breed in the book, the American Bully is a crossbreed of the American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, Bulldog, American Bulldog, and Olde English Bulldog.

The only thing bigger than the American Bully’s large frame and muscular physique is the size of its heart! There is plenty to love about this loyal family dog, from its laid-back attitude to its confident and trainable nature; here are five reasons why we love the American Bully!

They Are Laid Back Dogs

american pitbull
Image credit: Luis Negron

He may look like a prize fighter or a bodybuilder, but don’t let the American Bully’s muscular appearance fool you! This pup is as laid-back as they come - he would rather relax with his family or play the part of a babysitter than flex his muscles.

A devoted family dog, the American Bully is exceptionally tolerant and playful. This dog breed adores children and is always giving kisses out like candy.

Don’t confuse the American Bully’s easy-going nature for being lazy, though! He may be happy cuddling up for movie time, but this pup still needs about an hour of moderate exercise daily to thrive.

They Are Loyal Family Dogs

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Image credit: Luis Negron

Often mistaken for a guard dog breed, people assume that the American Bully is a solitary dog, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. This breed craves the companionship and love of a family and rewards that affection with unwavering love. This breed is known as one of the most loyal.

The American Bully will stay close to her pack 24/7 - even going so far as to sit on your lap when seating space is limited. And when bedtime comes, you can expect this truly devoted dog to curl up at the foot of your bed every night of the week.

Although an affectionate and sensitive pup, the American Bully won’t hesitate to protect her family if called to do so. This dog will lay her life on the line for her people - although it should only take one bark from this girl to send anyone running!

They Are Not High Maintenance Dogs

american bully
Image credit: Luis Negron

If you are looking for a low-maintenance dog, the American Bully is it! It takes very little grooming to keep the short, flat coat of the American Bully healthy. A thorough brush once a week and a bath every few months are all it takes to keep this pup’s fur clean, smooth, and shiny.

In addition to a simple grooming routine, the American Bully has relatively simple exercise needs. This pup is happy with sixty minutes of exercise daily, but slacking on those daily walks will quickly lead to obesity and health issues.

The most significant investment you can expect to make in an American Bully is in his food – this hearty eater needs high-quality dog food and plenty of it! Depending on your Bully's size, build, and activities, you may even need to invest in specialty high-protein blend foods.

They Are Very Trainable

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Image credit: Luis Negron

The American Bully is exceptionally intelligent and catches on to training quickly so long as you tailor your approach to her personality. As a sensitive and gentle dog, this pup requires a confident yet fair trainer who uses positive reinforcement-based training methods.

Unlike some of her close relatives, the American Bully is not known for her hardheadedness - in fact, she is quite sensitive and accommodating. Her willingness to learn is fueled by her eagerness to please, making praise a great motivator!

Although trainable, it is crucial to start training this breed early to prevent negative behaviors from setting in. It is also best to begin socialization training as soon as possible to ensure your Bully gets exposed to many stimuli.

They Are Confident Dogs

american pit
Image credit: Luis Negron

Some dog breeds are prone to being shy or nervous - the American Bully is not one of them. This breed is a confident, well-rounded dog that is excited to explore the world around him without fear or hesitation.

The American Bully even has a confident walk which isn’t surprising considering how beloved this dog is worldwide! For this pup, just walking into the room turns heads, and they thrive on that attention!

Confidence is a hallmark of good breeding among American Bullies. Experts recommend using confidence level as a gauge when assessing new puppies for temperament. A puppy that shows signs of hesitation may not be as well-rounded as it should be, which may lead to behavioral problems in the future.

Amy Brannan
By Amy Brannan

Affectionately referred to as “Snow White” by family and friends, Amy has always connected with animals of all species. In addition to being a lifelong dog mom, Amy has nursed possums, chipmunks, rabbits, and squirrels back to health - much to the chagrin of her black Labrador, Jet. When she is not caring for her animals, Amy advocates pet adoption and educates others on the joys of senior dog ownership.