What are Some Dog Like Cat Breeds?

Some dog-like cat breeds include Maine Coon, Ragdoll, and Burmese cats. They are known for being affectionate and responding well to commands.

Jan 15, 2024By Sara Payne
what are some dog like cat breeds

Cats are well-known for their aloof, independent personalities. People usually either classify themselves as a “cat-person” or “dog person.” However, if you are looking for a cat that exhibits dog-like behaviors, some breeds meet these criteria.

Siamese, Burmese, Ragdoll, Maine Coon, and Bengal cats are dog-like cat breeds. Although all cats have their own personalities, these cat breeds are more dog-like than the rest. Keep reading to learn how.

Siamese Cats

siamese cat
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Thailand, formerly known as Siam, is the home of this playful and energetic cat breed. It is unclear how old this breed is, but a manuscript called “Tamra Maew” features them, and this work was created somewhere between the 14th and 18th centuries.

These active, friendly, vocal, and outgoing cats have blue eyes and large ears. They are typically lighter colored along their body and have a point coloring. Siamese cats are well-known for their dog-like characteristics. You can train these cats to walk on a leash or do tricks. They respond well to puzzle feeders and clicker training, as well.

Their favorite thing is to be around their favorite human. But they are incredibly friendly and will gladly sit in a stranger’s lap. These cats are very vocal, meowing constantly for attention. They are also incredibly intelligent, so if they get too bored, they can sometimes get into mischief.

Burmese Cats

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The Burmese is a cat breed from Southeast Asia that has a common ancestor with the Siamese cat. The earliest recordings of this breed are from the 1300s. This breed was named for the country from which it was popular: Burma, now known as Myanmar. Burmese cats have gold or yellow eyes and a variety of coat colors that range from rich copper to lilac. This compact cat is muscular and heavy.

The traits that make this cat breed dog-like are these cats’ social and energetic nature. They adore attention and seek it from their human companions. They are incredibly curious and love to be wherever you are.

Burmese cats are chatty, but not as much as Siamese cats. They have a raspy voice that lets you know they want attention. Male cats are calmer than females, and older cats are somewhat calmer than kittens. Still, Burmese cats retain a lot of their energy even as they age.

For people who want an active and attentive pet, Burmese cats are ideal.

Ragdoll (The Cats, Not the Toys)

ragdoll cat
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Ragdolls are a breed that has much more modern origins. In the early 1960s, a cat breeder named Anne Baker developed this cat breed. Ragdolls have silky, dense, long-haired coats. They are large with a broad chest, sturdy legs, and a long, bushy tail.

They are incredibly gentle cats. They love to “help” you around the house and often follow their owners from task to task. They are relaxed and affectionate. Ragdolls, as the name suggests, sort of flop over. They enjoy lying about and soaking up the sun, but they tend toward obesity. So, it is important to encourage them to play.

This dog-like cat breed can be a diva. They often avoid wet grass and unpleasant weather. They also don’t like to be left at home alone all day. Lonely ragdolls can sometimes misbehave, so it is best to have them in a busy home where they’ll get lots of love and attention.

If the idea of having a small, loyal dog appeals to you, you could enjoy welcoming a Ragdoll cat into your home.

Maine Coon

maine coon
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These large, fluffy kitties are the perfect dog-like cat breed. Maine Coons are intelligent, playful, and loyal cats. Related to the Norwegian Forest Cat, Europeans brought over these large mousers to rid their homes and farms of pests. Eventually, these cats mated with local breeds, producing these gentle giants.

The Maine Coon needs lots of time outdoors exploring and exercising. They are highly trainable, which makes it easy to walk them using a harness. They also crave human companionship, enjoying games, climbing, and jumping. Maine Coons need plenty of mental and physical stimulation.

These cats tolerate children and other pets well. They aren’t as talkative as the Siamese and Burmese cat breeds, but they do make an adorable chirping sound when they want attention.

These big kitties are snuggly and energetic pets.

Bengal Cats

bengal cat
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This more recent breed is a combination of a domestic shorthair and an Asian leopard cat. They are medium to large cats with a leopard-like coat. People say their coats shimmer like they are covered in glitter. They have large eyes, round heads, and strong, muscular bodies.

These cats have a lot of wildcat characteristics that make them dog-like. They are intelligent, energetic, confident, and alert. Their energy can sometimes be challenging for families who are more laid back. These cats enjoy games and learn tricks easily.

If Bengals get bored, they can scratch furniture, dig through drawers and cabinets, knock down items on shelves, and even turn on and off light switches. These dog-like cats even have a raspy voice that sounds more like a bark than a meow.

They are an excellent pet for someone looking for a fun-loving cat.

Many Cats Are Like Dogs

cat on leash
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Cats can be as sociable, active, and friendly as dogs. Individual cats have their own personalities. Within a breed, cat personalities can vary. Yet, if you are looking for a cat with dog-like traits, the Siamese, Burmese, Ragdoll, Maine Coon, and Bengal cat breeds are the best options. These cat breeds are incredibly intelligent and affectionate. They make great pets for families who can’t decide between getting a cat or a dog.

Sara Payne
By Sara Payne

Sara is a mother of two and a high school English teacher who rediscovered her love of writing during the pandemic. She has 5 rescue cats: Neville and Luna, who are white cats with black and grey spots, and Ginny, Blue, and Fairy, who are calicos. Besides taking care of humans and fur babies, Sara enjoys gardening, crafting, and spending time in nature.